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9 responses to “On ya bike Notpology, Metapology has taken over Gutless Rhetoric Town”

  1. Megpie71

    The link to Pharyngula is broken – it’s picked up a spare “http://” at the end, which makes it come up 404.

  2. Megpie71

    Further comments: reading the statement, I find myself glad you provided the link to the core reason for its necessity, because from that statement about the only things anyone could deduce is that something may have happened somewhere at sometime, and someone was possibly slightly upset by aspects of it, although this last might be debatable. Clearly the person(s) responsible for writing it have had a lot of practice speaking underwater through wet concrete in a corporate or legal context. They have less practice using plain English to communicate with other human beings.

    Really, the phrases “we fucked up; we’re sorry; we’ll try to avoid fucking up in the same way in future” aren’t that hard.

  3. tigtog

    Broken link fixed – thanks Megpie!

    I’m continually amazed at how many people just can’t stop digger deeper down these holes.

  4. Xanthë

    I wish to express my unhappiness about most of the Howard era, but that’s probably just about as effective as this non-announcement from the Center for Inquiry is.

  5. Arcadia

    It strikes me as bizarre to attempt to “apologise” without acknowledging what you believe your mistakes were in the first place.

    Also, “expressing unhappiness with controversy” is horribly worded if an apology is your intent, since I could choose to read that as “we’re sorry you all got so worked up about it, I never meant it like that, honest! You were totally oppressing me, and I don’t see why I can’t say so!”.

    There was nothing I could see about that apology that seemed apologetic or seemed to eliminate the prospect of further stuff ups in future.

  6. Mindy

    Ooh that reads to me very much like a ‘ur doin it rong’ getting upset about this we know better and you should too type of statement.

  7. tigtog

    oh yes. It’s basically using a bag full of rhetorical tricks to evoke the hazy outline of the framework of an apology without containing any apologetic substance whatsoever, attempting to read to all parties as if it’s “the other side” who are the controversy-stokers, and insultingly anticipating they’ll get away with it without anybody spotting their rhetorical sleight of hand when addressing an audience of sceptics and freethinkers.

  8. Megpie71

    Would you like cream or ice cream with your waffle?

  9. angharad

    @Megpie71 – these guys apparently want both…

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