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5 responses to “DUFC #69”

  1. Erin Marie

    I’m pleased as punch to have two pieces in this roundup! Thank you!

  2. Chally

    Who’s excited now?! Thanks so much for such a full carnival, Mindy. I can’t remember any other carnival with so many links I hadn’t previously devoured!

  3. stargazer

    thanks for the link, and for the whole range of links.

  4. Mindy

    Can’t believe I forgot this one! bluemilk right here at HaT on Feminism needs more practice less perfect

  5. Mindy

    For some reason I thought this blogger was in the US. But Jay the Nerd Kid is from Qld so here are some links from her blog ‘days like crazy paving’.

    A white woman walks into a bar. She claims it.

    Dear White People: stop talking please.

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