Pay no attention to that blatant outrage behind the curtain

Look at this quibbling spin over here instead!

Pay no attention to the fact that obstetric services in rural Oz are woefully inadequate, let’s quibble over how dangerous it would be for rural women to have easy access to RU486 without adequate medical supervision. Consequence: rural women have to add the expense of travel to the city to the expense and extra risks of a surgical abortion as compared to a medical abortion. And our anti-abortion Health Minister will use alleged rural danger to deny RU486 to all Australian women. Abbott has no place as Health Minister and should be shuffled off to another portfolio.

Pay no attention to the illegality of targeting civilians, let’s quibble that the USA never signed off on the section of the Geneva Convention that says it’s wrong to use white phosphorus, and it’s not really a chemical weapon anyway, so it’s legal for the USA to use it. Special Crunchy Irony: wasn’t the invasion of Iraq predicated on preventing the use of chemical weapons?

Pay no attention to the illegality of outing an active CIA operative, resulting in the exposure of of an ongoing covert investigation of who was purchasing weapons of mass destruction, let’s quibble over the fact that her position as part of that ongoing covert investigation was a deskjob in Virginia rather than being “out in the field”, therefore outing her did not compromise national security.
Consequence: blowing her cover means blowing the cover of an entire CIA covert operation, front company Brewster Jennings, and also “exposed everyone who worked for or hired or sent a check or an e-mail to Brewster Jennings. And everyone who ever talked to anyone who worked for Brewster Jennings.”

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