Hello, my name is tigtog, and I have a sports-viewing addiction. I apologise for not mentioning this earlier.

I’m not as heavily addicted as some (I can give it up anytime, honest!), but I do enjoy a bit of biffo on the playing field, I don’t mind a bit of high-octane fuel splashed around and I’m kinda a sucker for sports involving high-lycra-content uniforms (wind resistance for the minimising of). I also have an undue fondness for lycra and rhinestones on ice and on balance beams.

My group therapy fellows are sharing their stories at our new collaborative space, Sidelined. C’mon Aussie c’mon / Go you good things etc etc. C’mon feel the noise.

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  1. Interesting. My first marriage foundered partly because of an unshared sports-viewing addiction. Sunday afternoon was out when it came to family activities, because “sports’ was on. Oh, naive young me, saying “what game? Who’s playing?” like it was a specific matchup that he had to see. Asking “OK, then maybe we could go next week? The next week? A year from the third Sunday in April?” No, it wasn’t a match that he had to see, it was “sports” and “sports” was on every Sunday afternoon. From now until the end of time, every Sunday was taken.
    So I have a strong aversion to televised sports, sadly, because I actually used to enjoy college football and basketball.

  2. I used “addiction” above as an attempt at wit, as I don’t really come anywhere close, but that sounds like it was one heavy viewing habit he had, Vicki.
    We are fortunate that our prime sport to view (rugby union) tends to schedule matches mostly in the evening, and winter weekend evenings are an indoor kinda time anyway. The international matches aren’t so conveniently timed, but we don’t watch all of those, and we’re not rigid about always watching matches live.
    I do like watching many types of sports whenever I’m at home and the weather outside isn’t calling me to the garden or the beach. I don’t tend to avoid going out in favour of TV sport though, except for maybe the RU finals.

  3. Sister! About five years ago, I decided that I was no longer going to apologize for enjoying something as lowbrow as sporting competitions. (There is a playoff baseball game on, in the background, even as I comment!) Many of the games I enjoy are on the radio, so, if they’re day games, I can take the radio outside while I do yard work. So, for instance, my cherry tree was planted during an overtime playoff hockey game. But with very few exceptions (inviting people over to watch a World Series game), I don’t arrange my life around sports.

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