It’s gone

Last week I wrote this:

if you’ve still got this catalogue online next week I’ll be amazed

I just checked. The pictures from their Summer 2006 catalogue are not online anymore. I hesitate to automatically assume that it was because of the community reaction to the Corporate Paedophilia report, but just maybe I wasn’t the only person who rang up and expressed just my opinion in this free country of ours.

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  1. I looked through the Target Catalogue this morning. Lovely clothes and the models were just like kids in the street.

  2. Hooray, JahTeh!
    Of course, my daughter has gone all Amazonian and at age 12 (from tomorrow) is already an inch taller and shopping in the women’s section. I have no problem with women’s clothing emphasising breasts some, but for a girl who’s already self-conscious about being taller and more developed than her peers that’s not easy either.

  3. I was taller than most of my teachers by the time I was 12, but I wasn’t developed in the hip or breast regions, so nothing fitted. I wore a lot of t-shirts outside of school uniform, and boys jeans. Good luck! Ill-fitting clothes wasn’t quite as upsetting as the ill-fitting shoes though (I’m a 10 1/2) the shops for other-than-average feet are generally designed for old ladies. Fortunately they’ve improved since then (but they still cost a fortune)

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