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Scabious, aka the Pincushion Flower

Quite a few of you enjoyed my post on a picture of Saturn’s rings a few days ago. Well, a new blog I’ve discovered has an excellent post on the following day’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day and the relationship between a sense of wonder, skepticism and myth. Go read The Memoirs of Skepchick: Hold your breath and clasp at Cassiopiea.

Other recent additions amongst those who postpone other pursuits in order to blog are

  • Ilyka Damen: postponing chores and errands by demolishing strawfeminists
  • Life of a Lab Rat: working scientist postponing tormenting students
  • The life and description-defying times of the delightful Teej Mahal

Posts I’ve made elsewhere this week:


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  1. tig!
    how do you make a trackback. I am really not getting my head around it. I’ve done a post at (For Rattle! is the sibling site to For Battle!) but I don’t know how to link it to your posts on Corporate Paedophilia here and LP, which I thought were triffic.

  2. Thank you, Speedy.
    The post is “An Outrageous Claim”
    [hoyden link]
    [LP link]
    If you go to those posts, write the word “trackback” and then link it to your post at For Rattle! – that’s a manual work-around for trackbacks. LP doesn’t allow automatic trackbacks because with that volume of traffic it’s asking for too much spam, but it does have nifty buttons on the comments box that make it easy to add a link to any word(s).
    Here, if you write [a href=”URL”]Trackback[/a], replacing those square brackets with angle brackets (down on the comma and period keys) and copying the full URL between the quote marks, you’ll have created a hyperlink.
    For most other sites, seeing as you use Blogger which doesn’t have a built-in pinger that’s reliable, you can use a stand-alone trackback pinger, which is pretty self explanatory at the web-page [link]

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