From a comment on a thread at Pandagon discussing some weirdo’s evo-psych fantasies about biological determinism and gender roles:

I’m always amazed at how sweet and gentle and submissive people think it is when a little girl declares she wants to be a mommy or a teacher, etc. when she grows up. Scientifically proving, of course, that girls want to be nurturers rather than powerful in their own right. Um, mommies and teachers are demi-gods when you’re little. What I was saying was, “I want to tell people what to do, and have them be obliged to obey me.”

I imagine many other little girls are saying the same thing.


Afterthought: of course, the bossyboots trope has it’s own gender-role problems.

Addendum: thoughtful post over at Shakespeare’s Sister on sexism in language and signage aka the default male.

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  1. Of course…this is so obvious when you think about it. Thanks.

  2. I used to play schools when I was little. I was the principal. There was never any doubt in my Mum’s mind that I was playing Being In Charge.
    Now if I could just get my big brother to understand that it’s my turn…

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