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  1. A friend of mine’s flatmate had a fling with HH while she was a drama student in London…

  2. Phwoar! – I mean, I hope she looks back on it fondly as a grand fling, rather than bitterly as an eyeopener to some perfidy of the Gruff.

  3. I think the latter was more the case.

  4. I’m not sure what’s more disappointing, e – that I have had my illusions shattered about HH’s unfailing decency onscreen perfectly matching the Gruff’s offscreen persona? or that a portion of my sensibilities (untouched despite years of assiduous throttling of romanticism and cultivation of skepticism) still finds a caddish Brit automatically kinda hawt?

  5. I married a real person, I’m all for onscreen perfection and my matching imagination.

  6. tigtog I must protest. He’s Welsh!
    and probably a cad but – who cares? he’s still hawt

  7. Angharad, much as the Welsh and Scots may chafe at the knowledge, they are Brits. At least I didn’t make the error of calling him English!
    I wouldn’t care if he was from Delta Omicron V – as you say, he’s still hawt.
    JahTeh, thank all that’s splendid for the powers of the imagination!

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