mr tog’s still got it

We were chatting desultorily about a small wound he has on the back of his leg, which I was dressing, and I reported that it was looking good, not too oozy.


mr tog: I wish I was the marketing director for Uzi guns.
tigtog: Why is that?
mr tog: Because then I could advertise the various accessories as uziwhatsits.

Reader, that’s why I married him.

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5 replies

  1. Quick – register the domain!

  2. That just made my day. Well played Mr Tog!

  3. The kids are still at the “oh, daaaad” stage when they realise he’s being punnish, which can take a while as he does a tiptop deadpan. I look forward to them joining in in years to come: I shall never lack for entertainment.

  4. Very good. He can have first dibs on the Maserati, then.

  5. Phil, we actually acquired a (secondhand) Maserati when we were living in the UK – it only cost as much as a brand new Commodore would have back here.
    It was much more fun to drive though. I still have fond memories of the day I was on the motorway and left a BMW 3-series boy-racer in my dust: 5 minutes later I was getting the kids’ pram out of the boot at the services while he was looking for a parking space. Surprising how that amount of chagrin on a young chap’s face can really make one’s day.

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