Bear with me while I upgrade the blog software. Hopefully downtime will be minimal.

UPDATE: Done. Easy-peasy. And gravatars are working again! (In Firefox, anyway. Gravatars are spotty in Internet Exploder with it’s silly idiosyncratic approach to HTML compliance. Honestly, if you’re still using IE as your browser, do check out Mozilla Firefox: Free Download and much better browsing.)

FURTHER UPDATE: Playing around with more stuff behind the scenes. The banners etc will disappear while I do that, but they’ll be back.

Sunday 28th: Whee! I got me a properly hierarchical category tree!

Of course, subcategories make for problems – I’m not sure about having activism/charity under Culture, it could equally have gone under Life, or been separated with activism going under Politics. Religion could have had a category of its own instead of being under Sociology, etc etc. Decisions, decisions.

Categories: Meta

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