Whatever game that’s in aid of, you can play it on your own

Scene: Chez togmob, master bedroom, early hours. The senior togmobbers are engaged in lustful pursuits, when mr tog reaches playfully into the bedside drawer, and flourishingly extracts


tigtog: Eep!

mr tog: oh.. er.. um.. not what I meant to grab…

Both: gales of hysterical giggles

Luckily, both of us find laughter aphrodisiacal, so the lustful pursuits were eventually resumed. However, I may never look at a shoehorn the same way again. I see myself redfaced, struggling to repress my mirth, emitting various embarassing high-pitched not-quite-laughing sounds in shoestores for years to come.

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  1. Err, interesting cognitive error…a shoehorn isn’t exactly soft and squishy.

  2. Without wishing to go into too much information territory, his error did make kinda sense when the texture of certain containers is taken into account.

  3. I feel it is important to point out at this moment in time that it was a small travel shoehorn, not a standard model. I’m not sure why I feel this matters.

  4. Too Much Information territory lines shifted somewhat when we were househunting, the tenants of the place we were inspecting had left the bottle of KY on the dresser, AND THEY WERE THERE DURING THE INSPECTION! So we came downstairs from their bedroom, and had to look at them and smile without laughing.

  5. Without wishing to go into too much information territory

    Heh. I think Kansas is well passing behind us now. Later, Kansas, see you on the way back. Bye.
    Kate, lots of woodwind and brass musicians use water lubricants to keep collapsible instruments from seizing up. Y’know, that might have been it. Perhaps.
    Did you see any clarinets or bassoons?

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