Month: November 2007

Double standard watch

Why is it that doctors employed at Royal North Shore Hospital are giving press interviews outside the building every day this week of the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the hospital, while not a single nurse employed by RNSH has given… Read More ›

3 PMs with a single target

The Age today features op-eds from 3 former PMs – Malcolm Fraser (1975-83), Bob Hawke (1983-91), and Paul Keating (1991-96). Fraser can’t quite bring himself to advocate voting for Labor, but he is certainly highly critical of Howard and his… Read More ›

Confused by the Senate stuff?

Some excellent work: GetUp’s simple guide to Senate preference flows. It’s worth digging around the GetUp site for their various election guides – they have heaps of material looking at single issues, big pictures, voting records and more. I imagine… Read More ›

Opportunities squandered

JOHN Howard squandered the benefits of the $80 billion-a-year resources boom and wanted to be re-elected so he could retire, Labor leader Kevin Rudd said yesterday. Defining the choice facing voters in one of his last major speeches of the… Read More ›

So Similar

A draft I’ve had hanging around since last month: I’m trying to get these things out for some discussion even if I haven’t been able to wrap a bow around them to my entire satisfaction. Via Samara at The F-word… Read More ›