Month: November 2007

Choking on Costello

Choking on Costello John Howard: [visibly tense, eyes swivelling] “The Liberal Party of course will need to choose a new leader. I wish that person whoever it is and I’ve indicated very clearly from my earlier remarks who I believe… Read More ›

Welcome Rudd and Gillard.

There was champagne, there was whooping, there were tuneless chants of “Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio!” I’d like to issue a hearty welcome to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. For overseas Hoyden readers, Julia Gillard is the first woman to become Australia’s… Read More ›

Howard has conceded!

Just heard that Howard has rung Rudd to concede the election! I’m off to drink some bubbly with some blogfriends and others at the Bat and Ball Hotel. Woohoo!

We’re back

Fancy that. I’m not quite sure what broke the blog, as the upgrading seemed to be going so well at first, so I will be moving carefully from now on. The look of the blog has been reverted to the… Read More ›


I’ve been thinking for some time that I really need to upgrade the site to the latest versions of WordPress and K2, which requires mostly me spending ages backing things up before updating. So, this will be happening and hopefully… Read More ›

I, for one

So the Blairites seem mostly to be resigning themselves to their fate, though I’m confident they will be like pigs in shit for their time supporting the Opposition. This thread laments the fake campaign pamphlets, Don’t bother with most of… Read More ›