Mitt Romney and his Black Best Friends

Oh my, this is embarrassing. Major cringe warning.

Mormon Republican candidate Mitt Romney gathers with a group of African American teenagers at a Martin Luther King Day parade. He spontaneously bursts into a chorus of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” followed by a half-hearted “Who! Who!”, as he realises they’re all looking at him funny.

At the end of the video, he tells a baby “Hey buddy! What’s happenin’? You got some bling-bling here.”



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  1. I had heard about this, but never seen the video.
    Seriously, what on earth makes Mitt Romney thinks that it’s a good idea for him to try to “act casual” and talk to . . . anyone?
    Cara’s last blog post..Manila Women Fight for Birth Control

  2. *hangs head in shame, wishes she was australian*
    ladoctorita’s last blog for thought #2

  3. In light of the dire offerings on show from the GOP (worst. candidates. evah.) perhaps a little reminder for the two Democratic frontrunners wouldn’t go astray?
    We Aussies told our best hope for toppling Howard what the one thing we wanted from him was all of last year:

    Perhaps you guys need one like this?

  4. Ladoctorita, we used to hang our heads in shame under John Howard – we’re still waiting with bated breath to see if our new leader f**ks it up…
    Helen’s last blog post..The Forest Wars

  5. As a resident of the state he is poking fun of (he was our Governor yet runs around talking about how “extremely liberal” we are because we are the only state in the US that recognizes marriage equality) I am so glad he is showing his true colors.
    And I didn’t vote for him as Governor. But I am worried the Democrats will screw this up.
    Soccer Mom in Denial’s last blog post..Groundhog Day

  6. And he said to a girl that was “prepared” (for whatever) that she should be a boyscout…? hm…
    feministgal’s last blog post..Have you been Super Tuesdayed enough?

  7. romney just suspended his campaign, thank dog.
    ladoctorita’s last blog for thought #2

  8. And he said to a girl that was “prepared” (for whatever) that she should be a boyscout

    Oh, I missed that! *headdesk*
    Can USAns confirm that “suspending” a campaign isn’t quite the same as actually pulling out of the race? That Romney is perhaps standing by just in case McCain keels over? He is rather venerable.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Weekend Wibble: space gems, stem cells, a spot, some spin, and a switch

  9. i’m not sure what, if anything, a candidate needs to do to *officially* drop out of the presidential race . . . when i voted, a bunch of candidates had already dropped out, but their names were still on the ballot.
    regardless, when romney “suspended” his campaign he stated clearly that his only goal is to KEEP THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE, so he decided the best way to achieve this goal was to throw his followers behind frontrunner mccain.
    because romney made his position so clear (ie, i’m sacrificing myself for the party), i don’t think he’ll be back, whether he officially dropped out or not.
    ladoctorita’s last blog for thought #2

  10. If McCain died and he was the frontrunner after that, though? Or do you think it would be Fundy Huck?
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Health in Pictures: the Daily Mail

  11. oops! sorry, lauredhel, i missed that you said “if mccain keels over.” i thought you meant if mccain started losing popularity, or dropped out himself, or something like that.
    if mccain actually DIED, romney probably WOULD come back because a) i think he thinks he could beat huckabee and b) he could spin it as “doing what’s best for the party” (i.e., “i stepped down because i saw mccain as a candidate who could truly unite the republicans and beat the democrats, but since his untimely demise i feel that i must step up to continue his journey, blah blah blah.”)
    but barring that extreme situation, i don’t think romney will be back, simply because he wouldn’t be able to spin it to ring true with his whole “don’t worry about me, just beat teh evil democrats!!!111!!” schtick.
    ladoctorita’s last blog for thought #2

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