I’m not well. I’m not sleeping, I have no appetite, I’m a mess. So I’m not getting things done.

I’m late on the Femmobolsho awards, largely because I clicked the wrong button on Saturday and f*cking deleted my whole scorecard, which I am having to reconstruct. It’s easier the second time around, but still time-consuming, and I’m scatterbrained as hell.


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  1. Sending you psychic hot toddies.

  2. When my niece, barely verbal, first went along to a playgroup, a wee boy there tipped water over her head. She talked about it for weeks. “Playgroup. Boy tipped water on my head. (Big sigh) Happens (shrugging shoulders).”
    Deborah’s last blog post..We already knew ?baby brain? is real

  3. Oh dear tigtog. Go to bed and stay there until you know you’re not going to break anything.
    Deborah: my son, who hardly has any words, spent an entire afternoon pointing at the girl who pulled his hair, and then rubbing his head. Unfortunately he hasn’t come to terms with ‘happens’.

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, all. Kate, if only going to bed would do some good: I just lie there staring at the ceiling.
    Further apologies to all my mates whom I’ve been neglecting via email, Facebook, blog commenting etc.

  5. Sending an internet cup of hot tea your way.
    Try to take care of yourself first, because a well-rested blogger is a happy blogger!
    annaham’s last blog post..Quote of the Day

  6. I actually did get some sleep last night, although not until after midnight, but then I slept through the alarm and didn’t wake until my darling got out of bed. So I feel better: still tired, but not totally all over the place as I was.
    He’s also felt odd the last few days. I expect we’ve both picked up the same virus. The kids seem free of it so far.

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon. Mystery viruses suck.

  8. I feel like when I had shingles, except without the shingles: my skin and spine is mildly tingly all over and supersensitive. As Lauredhel says, that means my immune system is busy.
    I’m going to see the doc tomorrow for blood tests.

  9. They don’t have to be psychic hot toddies you know. If there’s a better excuse for having someone deliver you mugs full of brandy to your bed than being sick, I can’t think of one.

  10. I made do with Frangelico. Feeling much better today. Thanks for all the warm fuzzy vibes, everyone.

  11. Glad to hear you’re well, though if you made-do with Frangelico and you feel better, I can’t imagine you did the stuff justice.
    Your homework: more liqueurs.

  12. I was going to send hugs, but psychic hot toddies sound much better. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and I hope it continues, tigtog.
    Kate Harding’s last blog post..Random Question of the Day

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