Another Coalition pollie shilling his expertise overseas

At least this one‘s no longer an MP.

(The comments on this story are better reading than Howard’s speech excerpts.)

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  1. Yesterday’s man sez:

    On a smaller scale, in my own country, a number of the more conservative social policies of my government have been endorsed by the new Australian government

    Must be the one about refusing for formal apology to the Stolen Generations…oh wait a minute.
    Shaun’s last blog post..Lullabies

  2. He really does live in an arselicking fantasy world, doesn’t he?

  3. Yeah, when I saw him on the news tonight I had a small moment of happiness– not because I was actually seeing him, but because I realised that it’s been ages since I’ve seen his face on the television, and that even now the reason he was on the news was basically because the story was “John Howard fails to realise how irrelevant he actually is now”.

  4. Shaun:
    I think he’s referring to gay marriage and privatised Telstra etc. – Labor promised the Christian Right – Nicola Roxon should never be forgiven for rubbing shoulders with a homophobic group the way she did in ’04

  5. Good point, Unknown Troper but I hope that as Rudd’s government matures, such attitudes are softened and the right thing done (I’m talking gay marriage – Telstra is a whole other issue).
    Still, reading Howard’s speech is stank of a bizarre triumphalism.
    Shaun’s last blog post..Lullabies

  6. Unfortunately we are stuck with privatised Telstra etc – Section 92 of the Constitution means no nationalisation or re-nationalisation

  7. On 15th April 2008 a Global General Strike has been planned. Please go to Ron pauls website.
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    We are manipulated and overpowered only when we allow those in power to segment and divide us. In fact, we have much more in common than we may think. After all, we are concerned citizens and people of principle. Strength comes via numbers and the forging of sound strategic alliances by, and between, activist groups.
    It is time to send a message to those in authority: WE may have different priorities, we may be of every persuasion, but we are all Americans and we are sick and tired of unrepresentative government. We are tired of watching the fundamental promise and potential of American life subverted by profiteers and self-serving interests. And we are sick and tired of the few pretenders, and their supplicants, who posture that their agendas are ours.
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  8. Look, I’ve let this comment above go through because at least it isn’t hyperlinking to anything, but I’m more than a little gobsmacked. First off, this is an Australian blog even though we do have American readers.
    Secondly, Ron Paul’s combination of la-la-libertarian, conspiracy-theorist and pro-life views make it highly unlikely that regular American readers of this blog would find him a candidate that appeals. Being adamantly against the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and torture isn’t enough when a candidate’s other proposals are sheer woo-woo.
    Still, at least if Paul were to be elected his peculiar ideas on dismantling fiat economics and federal bureaucracies would mean that the USA will soon lose its capacity to be a superpower (what with the subsequent freefalling economy, the environmental degradation and the rapid drop in worker health status), so at least we’ll have a different set of hegemon-appeasement problems when China steps into the gap. Go for it.

  9. Thank you tigtog for letting this go through.. Ron Paul is one of the few “uncontaminated” US politicians…and most likely the only hope for the dismantling of the Fed.Reserve and Taxation, in both countries.The Commonwealth of Australia is a registered corporation in the US.(Search Edgar).

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