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Oohsome has a couple of groovy women’s-bits jewellery up at the moment.

Uterus earrings


Oestrogen necklace



On Health & Science Vectorism: “My unborn twins kicked my tumour RIGHT OFF!” This story has been twisted by (surprise, surprise!) the Daily Mail, from the rather unremarkable reality of a pregnant woman’s growing uterus and cervix causing symptoms from a cervical cancer – to “the babies had literally kicked my tumour out.”

Either way, I hope mother and babies are doing well.


On the overoptimism of predicting a centralised system serving air to domestic Hot and Cold Spigots: “Disabled woman left to freeze by Scottish Gas overcharging”

A disabled woman was massively overcharged by Scottish Gas, who confused cubic feet with cubic metres. She had no luck pleading her case with the utility, and was left with no option but to huddle freezing in her flat. Many people with quadriplegia have trouble regulating their own body temperature.

“I was going to bed early because I was frightened of the bills coming in. I never had the gas fire on and I was putting the radiators off in the sitting room if I wasn’t in the room. I had the central heating coming on less in the morning and less in the evening.
I was being told by my doctor to keep my body at an even temperature and then told on the phone to turn everything down and check my meter in a week’s time.

I spent hours on the telephone to Scottish Gas trying to get an explanation as to why my heating bill was so high.”

Scottish Gas has offered her twenty pounds as a “goodwill gesture”.


Nazrafel has started a new blog, with topics including women, politics, race and war. It’s at Flying Hamster(s) of Doom.


Via Ponderance, a special edition of First Monday has a series of articles on “Critical Perspectives on Web 2.0”. The series looks at issues of participation and exploitation, diversity and convergence, power and agency, privacy and surveillance:

There’s something quite brilliant, from a corporate–consumer–marketing perspective, about the term Web 2.0. Its very name – Web 2.0 – embodies new–and–improvedness: a new version, a new stage, a new paradigm, a new Web, a new way of living. Attached to any old noun, 2.0 makes the noun new: Library 2.0, Scholarship 2.0, Culture 2.0, Politics 2.0.

Hyping new media is nothing new, but lately the marketing meme machine behind Web 2.0 appears to be set on overdrive. It was within such an atmosphere that many contributors to this special issue of First Monday met in Vancouver, Canada to share our critical perspectives of Web 2.0.

And that’s all, folks.

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