Friday Furry and Linkfest

A moose gives some cats a winter surprise in Alaska:

what is that?
Image credit: photograph by LizMarie

Links harvested from my feedreader this week:

a propos of nada except that I keep filing this in strange places and then wasting time looking for it
from firstperson thirdcat by ThirdCat (Kurt Vonnegut’s rules for writing short stories)

I love a sunburnt country
From FlickrBlog (The Powerhouse Museum releases photos of Sydney from a century ago – H/T Tamaleaver)

Steam trams at Coogee Beach
Coogee Beach – check out the steam trams!

Lessons in feminism – an (un)pleasant walk
From Larvatus Prodeo by Robert Merkel

Populist economics
from Penguin unearthed by penguinunearthed

Everything that’s wrong with the world
from Feministe by Jill

A hypothetical
from Reclusive Leftist by Violet

Sex abuse rampant at youth prisons around the country
From Pandagon by Pam Spaulding

from Shapely Prose by sweetmachine

The bullying epidemic
from Pandagon by Amanda Marcotte

and finally
from xkcd

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4 replies

  1. What a great set of links. Amazing, infuriating, thoughtful.

  2. There’s no chance you can create a feed of public shared links (e.g. my clicking “share” on an item of interest in Google reader) is there? If you can, I’d love to URLs to such a list (as both web page and RSS) somewhere on your page. That way I can read your choices each day? (An example is my Eclectica page Google builds from items I click in my RSS reader for sharing).
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Bawl quietly, jerk. Q04

  3. Dave, I’ve done that for ages actually! I thought I had a link to that on the “About Us” page, but I must have deleted it at some time. Anyway, I’ve added mine to the sidebar just above Emma Peel.

  4. tigtog: Ta! Now on my todo list: a page on my blog that lists shared items from other folk. When I get a round tuit (I think a “tuit” might look like a donut)
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..2020 Submission: Topic 5: Health Strategy

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