i made u a LOLswan

but he sez iz not fud

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Edit: Because I’m an ICHC n00b, I fubared the submission of this image for consideration for the front page. The link on the image above now takes one to an official voting page, but if everybody else has found the revisions a bit tedious and can’t be bothered I entirely understand.

Anyway, the funny picture was only an afterthought to the following:

That image is from a series of swan photos I took on Friday at Centennial Park.

This is probably the best shot I took compositionally:

Yep, all here

But I think this one is my favourite:

Too Gorgeous

It’s not these cygnet’s fault that their father is, shall we say, over-protective. I caught some attempted natural selection in action, and I’ve published those shots as a photo-essay on Flickr:
Set: Cygnets in Peril | photostream | slideshow
(not all browsers show the captions on the slideshow)

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2 replies

  1. Beautiful photos, tigtog! The babies…*is dead from cute*.
    Nice lolswan, too.

  2. I was just revising my LOLswan as you posted your comment, annaham (cuz I got the image submission process wrong the first time).
    But the babies are scarily cute, I agree.

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