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So I’ll link you to other ozbloggers who’ve done it already! Edited to add: if there’s something you were intending to blog but haven’t got around to, or wish you had blogged but somebody else said it superbly first so you didn’t bother, or something you wished was being blogged about by ozbloggers but isn’t, please leave links in comments to blog posts and/or news stories.

The Annie Leibowitz photos of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair scandal
And then one day the craziest thing happened
from bluemilk

Building systems where being good on behalf of others becomes the best way to personal success
Doing well by doing good
from Club Troppo by Nicholas Gruen

Cherry-picked moral outrage on Anzac Day
Lest we lose sight of this
by Ampersand Duck

It’s autumn and it’s getting cold, but the light is really good for photos
Ei ei oh
from Beelzebublog by Caroline (via rotwang at Barista)

Why do people I know to be intelligent, discerning and even cynical most of the time still send me superstitious chain emails?
No post to link here, this is just a general plaint.

The cultural fear of entering menopause
from personal political by suze oz

The “art of the possible” and the loss of the big ideas at the 2020 summit
Summiteering the 2020
from Sarsaparilla by Alison Croggon

Also, I wish to register a complaint – I washed my hair at oh-dark-thirty this morning and here it is nearly lunchtime and it’s still sopping wet. And I just had to interrupt drafting this post to put another layer of fleecy stuff on. Damn snow (not actually here, but not that far away.) Of course, the fact that yesterday was the coldest April day for 60 years brought the nongs out on the very first comments on the Daily Terror’s story:

What’s all this about global warming then? Coldest, wettest? Doesn’t really sound like the never-ending drought doomsayers were predicting.

So what happened to all the global warming?

Imagine how cold it would have been without global warming.

Just shows you how much truth there is in Global Warming

Tempts me to bring out the bunny again.

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5 replies

  1. I think that every day about chain mail I’m sent. WHY?

  2. Looks like the Tele missed that fascinating doco on how global warming buggers up that big ocean current whose name I have forgotten and actually brings on an Ice Age. How you say? Well, I remember this much – the melting of the polar ice dilutes the sea water and so stops salt heavy water falling to the bottom of the ocean, which is what drives the current. This current did bring warm water and air to the north and when it is diluted these areas freeze again, bringing on an iceage. I’ve explained it really badly, but it was fascinating.
    Mindys last blog post..Vale one of the Cool Pioneer Nerds

  3. Obviously, the chain mail is for jousting, but I can’t understand why they would send you more than one set.
    …Sorry, what?…

  4. &D, depressing, isn’t it?
    Mindy, that’s the Gulf Stream and the thermohaline circulation that you’re thinking of. The climate change denialists generally seem to think that the boffins have got their maths wrong because it just couldn’t possibly happen because they can’t imagine it.
    Helen, I could cope with that much chain mail if it was made of mithril and came with an elf that looks like Orlando Bloom in it.

  5. Thanks for the linky love.

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