Chez Tog in transit: pedantry in motion

The quick run on a rainy morning to get T2 to the station.

(as we exit the house)
T1: I’m really very annoyed with that farmer in West Australia.
T2: Why?
T1: I will never again be able with a clear conscience to say all jet-ski owners are wankers*.
(sundry vehicular miscellany)
T1: I made a conscious decision to take this turn (reviving a long standing debate about which route gets us to the station just that bit sooner) because the lights just changed.
T2: I didn’t say anything!
T1: I just wanted you to know I’d thought about taking the other turn.
T2: Noted and acknowledged. (beat) Wait, that’s a tautology isn’t it?
T1: Yeeeeeees, except if you switched the order it might not be, because you can acknowledge something without actually noting it.
T2: True. Something I, of course, would never ever do.
T1: There must be some grammarian term for pairs of words that are chronologically dependent like that.
T2: Like how you can say “measured and cut” but “cut and measured” is nonsense?
T1: Yep. (beat) TARDIL.
T1: Time And Relative Dimensions In Language.
T2: (grin) [around about here an inferior* jargon suggestion that I can’t remember was offered] But then a strict grammar of such word pairs means that you’re implying a definitive relationship between cause and effect.
T1: Are you arguing that there isn’t any empirical structure of causes and effects?*
T2: Some philosophers have argued so.
T1: (considered judgement) Those philosophers are wankers****.
T2: Yeah, I reckon so too.
(arrive at station, cutting off further discussion of the futile endeavours of most philosophers to impress the really cool people at parties)

* This post owns the distinction of requiring me to add ‘wankers’ to the spellcheck dictionary in order to not have any nasty red underlines in my draft/editing window. I can’t believe that it’s taken this long.
** Some phraseology in the transcript above may have been somewhat buffed and polished in the authorial recollection.
*** Its intrinsic inferiority is clearly indicated by my inability to remember it, surely?
**** See, the second iteration had no nasty red underline, so taking the clicks to add the word to the spellcheck dictionary was Totally So Worth It.

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  1. I’m not sure whether I should be reassured or unnerved to find that there are other households that have conversations like ours…
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  2. One of us! One of us! One of us!

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