Three Hits: Gender Binary Edition

Hell On Hairy Legs shares a post-patriarchal Doctor Who ficlet:

Doctor: (airily) Oh marriage is long gone, went with the gender binary. The downfall of patriarchy made sex so much less complicated.

Donna: Gender binary? Whadya mean? There are men and women walking around, same as always. (sweeps arm around at extras to prove her point)

Doctor: (laughs) The things you would see without the TARDIS translating.

[continued at link]

GimpGirl is working on an Accessible Gynecologist Project. Go help them out, if you can.

And the West is very, very confused about our Constitutional Head of State.


Transcript (emphases are mine):

Governor-General’s Salary Up

The Governor-General’s salary will rise from $365,000 to $394,000 when Quentin Bryce takes over the post in September.

Under the Constitution, the salary cannot be increased during his five-year term. As such, it is set to reflect increases which would normally occur in that time.

The Rudd Government has not confirmed whether Mr Bryce will have access to the nation’s top secrets. His predecessor, Sir Michael Jeffrey, has had access to almost all Cabinet minutes and copies of all reports by the Office of National Assessments.

[via Media Watch]

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6 replies

  1. Ohh, haven’t seen that Dr Who episode yet…
    Not that it excuses the journo on that piece, its their job to check facts.
    I would have assumed Quentin was a male’s name, but there ya go, how easy it is to fall into those traps.
    I just googled her name and even got a photo, not hard at all.

  2. coz, it’s not an actual episode, it’s a fanfic episode, so no real spoilers – read away!
    The journo has no excuse at all – there was more than enough fuss made two whole months ago about “Australia’s First Female Governor General”.

  3. And she’s our head of state, to a first approximation at least – not some obscure minor celebrity.

  4. Fair enough…I’m out of the loop over here sometimes.

  5. I remember what that was like from when I was living in the UK, coz. This sense that I was missing the zeitgeist back home. Took me a while to catch up once I returned.

  6. We had that happen in the newspaper here – the President & CEO of our local hospital is a Ms, but when “quoting” her the paper referred to her as “he” and “Mr”. It confused me because part of my job is sending her letters and I thought I must be getting it wrong – not the paper!

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