Quick Hit: LG “Secret” Stalkerphone

And when I say “hit”, I mean “detonate with a nuclear weapon and fire into the sun, please”.

LG has released a new phone, which they call “Secret”. Apparently, if you’re a peeping Tom, you can use it to control your unconscious but willing victim with a few strokes of your fingers on the touchscreen. And it plays bad soft-porn music.


Looks like we need to add LG to the femcott list.

via Engadget.

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    that was horrible! *shudders* and – there’s just no reason whatsoever for such an ad… i mean wtf is the justification from lg?
    *is unable to write anything more articulate about something so creepy*

  2. I’m getting a “video has been removed” message. What did it show?

  3. Huh, it’s been up for a while and suddenly got taken down. I’ve found another copy and substituted that.
    It’s a peeping tom outside the window of a woman sleeping in a filmy white negligee. He is using his phone to film her, and the image “comes alive” as he strokes it with his fingers and controls the movements of the woman. He activates a fire alarm, which saturates her when the sprinkler system comes on. At the end, he answers a call from his mum.

  4. meeeh! this is so bad. what’s with her getting all excited after the sprinklers wake her up? horrible.. 😦

  5. How many ways can I say yuck? I think the most disturbing part was his control of her movements. Yeah, and the stroking. Oh, and the complete lack of subtlety – they don’t even need to pretend it’s not about stalking, spying, controlling pornification because, hey, that’s what we all want, right? And she wasn’t hurt, right?
    I hate the world.

  6. That is vile.

  7. Oh wow, stalking just gets me so HOT!


  8. That left me absolutely speechless. It’s like the last half a century of debate over women’s bodies and privacy has never happened. Do you think ANYONE in that advertising agency argued against this? It’s just SO WRONG in every way.

  9. D’oh! My partner just bought an LG phone (although thankfully not this model). I’m sure we will be taking this ad into account with respect all future electronics purchases then.

  10. It’s gross. I watched it yesterday and I’m still feeling physically ill when I think about it.
    Suggest e-mailing their global media contact and letting them know what you think of it:
    As I am doing right now.

  11. Thanks, Rebekka,
    This is not LG’s first peeping-tom ad. They had an ad for air conditioning several years ago, with two young boys spying on a woman undressing in her bedroom.
    When I mentioned how repulsive I found it to a male acquaintance, he started saying no, it wasn’t, because when he was a boy he and his friends– I stopped him by shrieking “NO! I don’t want to know!”
    Emailing the media contact will be a much more useful reaction. I’m off to do it now.

  12. Ugh ugh ugh, I didn’t know they’d done it before!
    I’m glad the replacement oven we just bought is a Lofra. I liked that their website was just shiny pictures of appliances – no women in frilly aprons or anything like that.
    Ugh, I just checked out the website for this “Secret” mobile phone. It’s titled “SECRET: BLACK LABEL SERIES”. Porn all the way down.

  13. Well, I just emailed them, but I was so busy explaining that spying on people in their bedrooms is stalking that I forgot to add suitably condescending advice about pornographic overtones being hackneyed marketing tactics and the need for more original thoughts from their marketing departments.
    Anyone else willing?

  14. i sent them a message too, i’ll let you know if i hear anything back. i didn’t go into too much detail, kind of wrote as if it should be bleedingly obvious what the problem is, really!

  15. OMFG! That is one of the creepiest things I HAVE EVER SEEN! (and that’s saying something)
    Calling/Writing LG (and Verizon, who touts them).

  16. …and what’s with the lighting on creepy dude?! That green tinge says “secret” in the tortcher-pron stallker sense of the word – it makes much more obvious that this girl is meant to be someone he doesn’t know. What I found must creepy was the seamless transition from stallker-raypest to son without a flicker of emotion – it’s almost like he felt ENTITLED and VALIDATED in his activities. Good thing behaviour like that in the real world is so thoroughly discouraged! /snark
    When you turn the sound off, the acting of the woman on the bed just reminds me of the pouting that goes on in those late night phone sex ads, so I do find it funny at the same time…perhaps LG couldn’t get any more experienced actors to take their proposal seriously…

  17. Exactly dolia. It’s like he’s been a bit of a norty boy, now it’s back to reality….talk about madonna / whore complex…it just gets better and better doesn’t it.
    I assume that incredible piece of rapemongering was intended for web only, not for television. That makes it more insidious really – they know they wouldn’t get away with it on TV.
    There should be a Facebook group for this.

  18. I’ve only just come across this post. And I have to second what PortlyDyke said – that is among the creepiest ads I’ve ever seen.

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