Gratuitous David Tennant blogging (uncut TV interview edition (with added Jo Brand))

The video links below are oh so very Not Safe For Work. If you’ve got headphones the vision is safe, but if other people can hear the sound, definitely not. (Update: I’ve now added a partial transcript below)

The origin of the phrase that is rapidly becoming a legend in fandom (cut for work filters), from a recent episode of the Graham Norton show:

Hello, I’m David, and I’m taking you from behind.

In context, this is less alarming than the quote above may appear. Enjoy.

As one might expect from Mr Norton, there is a gratuitous TARDIS pranking, and Jo Brand is her usually marvellous self. The show is cut up into roughly 9 minute segments, and will greatly amuse you during a coffee break or late night snifter.
[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] (part 2 is where the line occurs, but the whole show is rather fun)

As one also might expect, someone has already cut the best most suggestive moments of the show together into a short clip of sexual innuendo.

Edited to Add: belated transcript of the section giving context for the “taking you from behind” line, for those without time or access to watch the video. GN is Graham Norton, DT is David Tennant, JB is Jo Brand.

GN: With Casanova, how many sex scenes were there in that?
DT: Well…there was one sequence where it cut through quite a lot quite quickly, yeah. I dunno, about twenty altogether, something like that?
GN: God. And presumably, some of the actresses you didn’t really get to “work with” (makes inverted commas gesture), you just…
DT: No! Some of them were supporting artists, yeah, they literally came in for that scene – they came in to get taken roughly from behind and they went away!
(audience laughter)
DT: (declaims to crowd) They loved it! They were queueing up!
GN: Is it true..that..your line to introduce yourself to them…
DT: It would depend what we were doing that day. It could be ‘hello, I’m David, and I’m taking you from behind’ or it could be ‘hello, I’m David, and I’ll be going under your skirt in a second’…it could have been, been whatever the scene required. I just wanted to be honest and upfront.
GN: I like it though! ‘hello, I’m David, and I’m taking you from behind’
DT: Yeah
GN: In life, clearly, you wouldn’t use that chat-up line. Do you have chat up lines?
DT: Get out of here! No.
GN: Well, you don’t need them now. You’re Doctor Who!
DT: I I I’ve never…I mean I wouldn’t know what to do with one. How could you..I mean, maybe I’m just not swish enough, but how could you be that naff?
GN (to JB): What did your husband say to you when you met him?
JB: I’ll give you 200 quid. (audience laughter)
JB: I wasn’t swayed by that though. No, I can’t remember. I was extremely drunk when I met my husband, and so was he.
GN: That’s always the best way.
JB: Yes it is.
DT: And romantic too, isn’t it?
JB: You look so much more attractive when the other person is really drunk, don’t you?
GN: You know, I can’t imagine sober sex. (audience laughter) I just can’t imagine it!
JB: No, I know. (general laughter)
GN: (shrugs, prepares to ask next question)
DT: (to Graham) Do you have a chat-up line?
GN: No!…well, I might do, but I don’t know what it is. (audience laughter)
GN: (drunken face and voice direct to camera) ‘Do you want to work in telly?’ (audience laughter)
GN: (natural voice again) Something like that.

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11 replies

  1. I so dearly love that segment. It isn’t even funny.

  2. It’s actually an interesting comment on the surreality of certain moments in producing a dramatic film, isn’t it?
    Jo Brand is a very generous co-guest on this show – she knows the audience is there more for DT than for her, but she also knows her value in spicing up the proceedings, and she and Norton bounce off each other marvellously well.

  3. I’m also quite keen on the DT Friday Night Project segment where they prank this poor real estate agent into thinking some crazy’s abducted David and…well, google it and you’ll see. It comments on our celebrity culture, perhaps with intent, perhaps not.

  4. I’ve just added a transcript of the segment surrounding the “take you from behind” line to give context (taking account of those without time or access to watch the video).
    Bene, I haven’t seen that particular FNP segment (yet). Thanks for the heads-up.

  5. Oh yes, that FNP also features the hosts reading David Tennant some (fake) fan fiction. Very funny.

    Although I recommend skipping the first ten minutes of that show, because it contains some fat-phobic and trans-phobic jokes. 😦

  6. Ohh…. I’m so not good with “candid camera” type stuff. Squicksquicksquicksquicksquicksquicksquick.
    We all have our own Stuff, I guess.

  7. The Graham Norton prank with the TARDIS was rather amusing because the bloke was clearly only peripherally aware of the whole Doctor Who thing, and was basically just bemused (other than his reaction to the TARDIS moving, which was naturally startled). I loved it that he obviously truly hadn’t realised that the blue box with the ringing phone was the DW TARDIS at all when he answered the phone.
    It looks like the real estate agent prank has been taken down from YouTube – allegedly at the instigation of the real estate agent himself. I’m not so sure that I would have enjoyed that one.

  8. God David Tennant is Gorgeous. What a naughty Dr Who Graham Norton would make! Jo Brand is just fab too.

  9. I still get the giggles just thinking of Graham Norton as the manic youth group leader Father Noel in Father Ted. Brilliant.
    Here’s a sample from Season 3: Episode 4 The Mainland, where they get lost in a cave.

  10. Ack, I wasn’t aware of the problematic jokes in that FNP–I got it and skipped to the bits what had David onscreen. The fanfic bits are ace.

  11. Tennant was also recently in the BBC3 remake of The Quatermass Experiment with Jason Flemyng. Never really found him that attractive before that (skinny scotch git) but understand now. He can be quite dishy on occasion.

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