Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?

From ABC Online:

A residents’ group that fought against a proposed Muslim school at Camden, in Sydney’s south-west, has denied its support for a proposed Catholic school demonstrates a double standard in the community.

Apparently their main concern, they now allege, is that the Muslim students would be bussed in from other communities rather than being local children.

“You can’t have a small country town with a high community ethic having a large institution where there are no persons of that particular religion living within 20 or 30 kilometres of that area,” he said.

The one obvious difference is that the proposed Catholic school is on land adjacent to an existing Catholic school facility, thus allegedly obviating the need for rezoning or new infrastructure (as it already exists), whereas the proposed Muslim school was on land nowhere near any other school facilities. I suspect this distinction will be hung onto for grim death.

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