Whoydensday: teh Doctor’s wimminz edition

It’s time again for: Marry, Shag or chuck off a Cliff? As usual, you may match one and only one of the characters below to each fate. Remember, the Doctor didn’t want to lose any of them – so what do you do? What do you do?

Reinette (The Girl in the Fireplace), Joan Redfern (Human Nature/The Family of Blood), River Song (Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead).

The Courtesan, the Matron or the Professor? Why?

We can also discuss the most recent broadcast in Australia, the Season 4 episode Midnight. What did you think?

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  1. Renette should marry River and accidentally leave Joan stranded on a rock in Antarctica in the cliffhanger. How’s that?
    I loved Midnight. I think it could almost be my favourite episode of the season. I especially like the casual mention that one of the characters is les/bi. You don’t get that too often.

  2. Poor Joan. She didn’t get much of a chance to show herself as awesome, yet I sensed the potential there.
    Midnight I thought was an extraordinary examination of fear and terror and the responses evoked, plus the horror at the end as they looked at themselves in light of what they had advocated while terrified. Very powerful.

  3. I loved Joan. I’ll marry her. I’ll shag River Song (because anyone from the 51st century is going to be a good shag, right?), and that means I’ll have to cliff Reinette, simply because it’s been ages since I’ve seen Girl in the Fireplace.
    I just loved the way that Midnight was totally driven by the script– very minimal special effects, very low budget, yet one of the most disturbing and haunting episodes of Doctor Who ever. Russell T. Davies has said that he wrote this ep in response to Voyage of the Damned, which he also authored– he wanted to explore the darker side of what could happen when the Doctor is trapped without friends. I also think that it’s a cheeky STFU to certain fan critics who like to loudly proclaim that Rusty has no writing skills, simply because he often writes the more action-oriented crowd-pleasing episodes.

  4. Marry River Song, of course; she’d be a constant intellectual challenge, and seems like she’d be heaps of fun when she let her hair down. Plus, gorgeous accent.
    The other two I could take or leave. Neither of them really caught my eye. Shag the Matron, I guess, if pushed.

  5. Leel….wait I think I’ve got the hang of this now.
    Madame de Pompadour for the horizontal mambo.
    River Song for the marrying kind.
    And, very reluctantly, the Matron for the gravitational experiments involving vertical rock exposures formed by erosion.
    And I’m two weeks behind in my Who. Still need to catch up and watch Forest of the Dead before Midnight.
    Shauns last blog post..Vale Jerry Reed

  6. Marry: Joan
    Shag: River
    Cliff: Reinette
    …I really didn’t like Reinette. Great episode, but she grated on me. So über-tragic.

  7. Oh, and on the (other) topic of the Large Hadron Collider, don’t forget that Lost Souls is due to air on BBC radio 4– because it’s radio, it’s accessible internationally, and there’s a handy feature whereby you can listen to the play anytime for up to a week after it’s aired (and it’s due to air at 11:15pm Sydney time– about fifteen minutes from now!)

  8. Er, just to clarify, “Lost Souls” is a Torchwood play, hence why I’m posting this here, rather than in the Hadron Collider thread. 😛

  9. I was rather disappointed by Midnight – it’s a bit obvious that people under stress can be pretty horrible but what I quite liked was the difficulty in doing the right thing (as the Doctor insists) when people don’t actually deserve it.

  10. Marry Reinette because I thought she was beautiful, and the bit where she is choosing her star to visit was really really good because you knew what was going to happen, shag River Song because I think long term marriage to her would drive me mental but popping back now and again for nooky would be cool, and cliff Matron because I didn’t like her trying to take my our Dr away.

  11. I can’t decide whether to shag Reinette or River, but I’d shag the other. I know that she’s a product of her times, yada yada yada, but Joan’s dismissive treatment of Martha made me want to reach through the screen and punch her.

  12. Sorry. Clearly I meant that I didn’t know which one I would marry and which one I would shag.

  13. River Song is clearly the marrying kind, IMO.
    But I admit I am torn. The character of Joan Redfern didn’t do much for me at all, but she was played by Jessica Hynes, who I find it hard to separate in my mind from Daisy Steiner from Spaced (who she both played and wrote for), who was adorable. Actually, I have an ex-girlfriend who I still carry a major torch for who resembles Daisy somewhat, particularly in character (by her own admission) — and I totally would have married her. So I find it hard to be dismissive.
    So, all confused.

  14. You’ll have to post three comments Dave, and go through each option then!

  15. Clearly I meant that I didn’t know which one I would marry and which one I would shag.
    Apparently some crazy kids do both these days. Sometimes even at the same time!
    Daisy Steiner from Spaced
    *whispers* Someone else knows that show O_O

  16. Kim,

    That must be awkward for the person conducting the ceremony.

  17. harlemjd: especially if it’s a Betazoid wedding, then they might have to join in.
    (btw, I love Spaced.)

  18. Daisy Steiner from Spaced
    *whispers* Someone else knows that show O_O

    Paintball. That’s all I’m going to say.

  19. Marry River for the fascinating conversations and enthusiasm, shag Reinette, and cliff Joan.
    The writing and acting in Midnight was flawless. I watched for the second time when it came around to free-to-air, and I was just as tense this time around! I particularly love the fact that the Doctor is visibly showing a ‘I could have died’ fear reaction at the end, simply because it’s definitely something we don’t get to see often.
    Major points for quietly pointing out a character is gay. Major sighs for killing them off at the end. (That’s a general TV wide gripe, but it needles me every time).

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