Whoydensday: the perennial question

Whee! The Guardian’s got a casting thread for the 11th Doctor! Despite a couple of cracking suggestions based on people we’ve seen in the rejuvenated series so far, I very much doubt that they will go for a younger actor who has already played a supporting role on the show, so bad luck Russell Tovey (Voyage of the Damned) and Harry Lloyd (Human Nature/Family of Blood). The author also has the gall to suggest that, in retrospect, casting Ecclestone was a bad choice (Boo!!).

The Guardian article was apparently inspired by these excerpts from email exchanges between Russell T Davies and a journo for the Doctor Who Magazine about a book they’re writing about the final series, full of visions and whimsies that RTD had from time to time about the direction of the show.

Now, as Australian audiences might not be familiar with all the names mentioned in the casting thread, I’ll add a few pictures below, but because it’s been a while since the last kilt thread, I’m only going to add pictures of the named actor if I can find them wearing one (Roman/Greek count as well as Scots).

Rufus in Helen of TroySo, Rufus Sewell (here as Agamemnon in Helen of Troy).

I love Rufus – he was glorious as Seth Starkadder in 1995’s Cold Comfort Farm, very impressive in 2003 as Charles II, and a dogged Thomas Clarkson in Amazing Grace.

Sewell has a combination of wit, style, hunkitude and menace that would position him nicely between Ecclestone’s and Tennant’s Doctors with room for him to carve out a niche of his own.

Noel FieldingNoel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh, and his comedy partner Julian Barratt, are a great idea for a Red Nose Day comedy special, but not seriously for the part.

(much fruitless googling)

I’m disappointed – Adrian Lester (whom I adore, and who has said that he would love to be the first black Doctor) has played Orpheus, but I can’t find a pic of him in a kilt. James Callis played Menelaus opposite Sewell’s Agamemnon, Dominic West played Theron in 300, but no good kilt shots. Bill Nighy would never be cast anyway – too old for all the running, but I’d love to find him in a kilt. Bah humbug.

Sorry, but Jamie Bamber in a towel does not count as a kilt. (You can tell I haven’t watched the new BSG, when I saw his name on the casting thread I immediately thought of Midshipman Archie Kennedy from Hornblower, when he wasn’t quite so – hunky.) Besides, I’d rather see him as the next Bond.

Julian Rhind-Tutt in a long overcoat and velvet waistcoatBonus pic: no kilt (although he does wear a tutu in this PR shot for Green Wing), but I couldn’t not share this one of Julian Rhind-Tutt in a long velvet hero-coat.

I think it might be about time for an incarnation of the Doctor to be a dandy again, what say you?

It was suggested in comments to the Guardian article that the casting probably needed to be a bit left-field, pointing out that neither Ecclestone nor Tennant were the obvious choice to play the Doctor at the time they were cast. So, any more out-field ideas?

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  1. Adrian Lester has my firm vote on this front. Even if he hasn’t yet worn a kilt.
    Of course, speaking of the Doctor’s new costume… 😉

  2. Of course, speaking of the Doctor’s new costume… 😉

    You think it needs to be a kilt? Well, we’d just hate that, wouldn’t we?
    Adrian does look awfully good in a sharp suit though.

  3. At a geek-saturated party I was at a year or so ago, the unanimous decision of the crowd was Bill Nighy. Because he’s awesome, and because darnit, the Doctor’s old crotchety incarnations were so neat.

  4. I still think Graham Norton would be great. But he’s probably a bit too well known. Bill Nighy would be a hoot. I wonder if Rose would love the reincarnated Dr the same as she does the current one?

  5. Naveen Andrews would be a very dashing Doctor indeed! Otherwise, Helen Mirren.

  6. … and it takes all the way to comment two on the Guardian thread before someone calls the idea of a female Doctor “ridiculous”.
    I loved Eccleston and liked Tennant, but I sure do like the idea of the next Doctor not being a white man.

  7. Naveen Andrews would be PHENOMENAL. Actually, on the topic of non-white-male Doctor, a few friends are heavily plugging Chiwetel Ejiofor.
    QoTs last blog post..Oh Internets, you bring the crazy

  8. I thought the argument raised later on that having had 10 doctors so far who were male made the idea of a female Doctor harder and harder to sell to the public, and I find it (sadly) one that I agree with: if they’d had a female Doctor after Baker it could have worked, but the backstory having the Doctor so established now as male is a huge amount of inertia to push against.
    Of course, finding a new incarnation of Romana knocking about in a time eddy somewhere would be pretty cool!

  9. Dawn French could do it.
    Otherwise, David Bowie; (and there’s the costume idea sorted too.)
    Otherwise, Ioan Gruffudd: (you know, the guy from Hornblower.)
    Otherwise, my cat Soma, who would be adorable.
    Otherwise, a slightly shy and geeky person who’s a little bit unsure, because we’ve had two over-confident doctors in a row.

  10. If I can’t be the next Doctor Who then I would have to agree with Kim and nominate Ioan Gruffudd. I don’t know many actors by name but any non-white dude would be AWESOME. Cate Blanchett could do it.
    I bet Lauredhel could do a good job. The Doctor as a hoyden seems very fitting.

  11. a few friends are heavily plugging Chiwetel Ejiofor

    Oh yes – he has a lovely stillness and intensity about him which would be different.

  12. Rufus Sewell, for me, and for my bookgroup back in NZ, where after we had talked about the classic of the month, and gotten through our segue into Jane Austen, would have the Rufus Sewell report, courtesy of my aunt (one of those two degrees of separation moments that are oh so common in NZ), before getting onto gossip.
    Deborahs last blog post..This would never happen in the old country

  13. I find the idea of a regular Rufus Sewell report utterly delightful. How pleasant for your aunt to receive the news to dispense to such eager ears.

  14. It wouldn’t be the first time a supporting actor has been bumped up to Doctor. After all, that’s how Colin Baker started.

  15. I’m a Girl Doctor fiend–Rachel Weisz for Eleven!

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