Election Watch: Flip-Flopping McCain

Use this thread to post any political news/commentary links that catch your eye.

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  1. Since you posted that Olbermann RNC takedown I thought I’d share this — I heart Keith and watch his show online every.day (and now Rachael Maddow’s show every day too, she used to be KO’s sidekick but has her own show now) but this gets his schtick pretty perfectly. And funnily.
    A bit of Rachael. I might be in love.

  2. oh, woot! A kind soul on LJ responded to my wish for a Weeping Angels Blink macro for Palin.

  3. Joe and HRC lob Dorothy Dixers at each other on womens issues — but interesting and well done.
    Amandas last blog post..The Good Life

  4. Wow at about 18-19mins on domestic violence, Biden is excellent.

  5. Cheers for the links, Amanda. I might adjust the title to make this another general election-watch thread.

  6. Thank you for retrospectively accommodating my derailment.

  7. That face is going to give me nightmares.
    Also, made that Weeping Angel macro into a user icon.

  8. Seriously tempted to change my gravatar …

  9. More on policy:
    The New Republic: More Radical Than Bush by Jonathan Cohn – The full horror of John McCain’s economic agenda
    Our Bodies Our Selves: Senator John McCain and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Ideas on Abstinence-Only Education and the Global Gag Rule – the ramifications of the Mexico City Proposition on HIV rates and contraceptive education and availability worldwide. Also asks why this moment has not become McCain’s “Dean Scream”:
    Both links via Feministing’s Weekly Feminist Reader linkapalooza

  10. Rebecca Traister examines the McCain’s appearance on a kinder daytime TV show than those nasty ladies at The View: it’s all rather barfmaking but what I particularly noticed is that a man who allegedly can’t type (so how dare anyone point out that being unable to use email is kinda out of touch) somehow manages to be an absolute whiz according to himself and his wife at cooking on a BBQ grill.
    Putting on physiotherapist hat: if you have the manual dexterity to flip, tong and skewer meat on a BBQ grill, then you certainly have the manual dexterity to do some hunt & peck on a keyboard and read/send emails. You can’t have it both ways, McCain.

  11. Amanda, have you noticed that the VP debate formate has been restricted, so that Palin won’t be forced to engage with Biden’s debating strengths on a level playing field?

    McCain advisers said they had been concerned that a loose format could leave Ms. Palin, a relatively inexperienced debater, at a disadvantage and largely on the defensive.

    I think I’ll book a taxi for the trip to and from your place so we can make a drinking game out of her evasions and soundbite talking points.

  12. God yes. Palin Bingo is a must. Must get Coz’s recipe for red, white and blue vodka jelly shots.
    I’m hoping it might still be like every other debate where the people just talk about whatever they want anyway; “before I answer that question, I’d just like to reply to what my friend said earlier about social security reform….” Also I don’t think she is an “inexperienced debater” really (although perhaps relative to a bloke who’s been through three or whatever presidential primary campaigns) since she’s been through a few political campaigns and apparently did well, she just has a gossamer thin understanding of the issues on the national stage. There’s only so much you can cram in a few weeks.
    I know everyone’s worried about Biden putting his foot in it but I hope his coaches let him keep a few eye rolly “gimme a break!”‘s cos those are gold.
    I haven’t seen any blogging about the Biden/Clinton vid but the fact such a thing (32 mins on serious issues with specific plans) exists on one side and not on the other says a lot, to me.
    I also disapprovingly noted that the ABC1 is showing all the Prez and Veep debates live on FTA. Way to neutralise my cable TV advantage, Aunty!

  13. Ah, Jon Stewart takes on the Hannitized For Your Protection Palin interview:


  14. Heh. “Verbage” is so going on the bingo card.
    At about 2.20 into this, Olbermann plays a 62 second version of the interview. Both if ‘em come up with the infomercial gag, dunno who was first.

  15. I think there also must be liveblogging.

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