SF Sunday: I got not much edition

Apart from noting with a thrill that there will be an Aussiecon 4 in 2010, I haven’t been doing much SFing this week. Anybody? Bueller?

I have been watching a Bond retrospective on cable the last few weeks. The way that Bond flirts on the border of just plausible secret-tech and SF-tech is always interesting.

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  1. Oooh, ooh, I got something! I read Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu’s Zahrah the Windseeker this past week, on recommendation from the folks at FeministSF. It’s so good to see a different cultural POV in American YA SFF, and Zahrah’s personal journey should be really inspiring to teenage girls of that age group.

  2. I just recently sat through the latest bond flick with the unhubby. I cannot take him anymore. Every few minutes I found myself saying do you know what’s wrong with this or that. I cannot turn off my feminism for long enough to sit through Bond movies.
    Renees last blog post..Amen and Pass The Bullshit: Religion and The Obama Campaign

  3. I’m reading a book called Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason. It’s a first contact book (humans travelling to another star) and apart from the fact that it’s a rather compelling read from the point of the story, it’s also interesting since it plays with gender roles, with the inhabitants of the planet having a very different male:female dynamic.
    It’s something I bought a long time before transition and it’s interesting reading it again post-transition. I’ve found that transitioning is a very good way to reduce ones book bill: I’m enjoying re-reading most of my library from a different point of view, both thanks to the social changes and the hormonal changes. 🙂

  4. Emily S: isn’t it a great book? I need to reread it at some point, I remember wishing there was more.
    I’ll add that to the list next to Joan Vinge’s books…

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