Late night links: stuff around the feminist blogs

Set some time aside to read the “How Not to Get it On” bad-dates thread on Feministe. It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying.

Ultra Violet is a group blog by young Indian feminists. It’s smart, passionate, and information-packed. Dilnavaz Bamboat showcases what an Indian feminist looks like, Annie Zaidi takes a closer look at pink, unmana thinks the State should stay out of marriage, and Meena Kandasamy talks about same-sex love in India. (via karenhealey)

Zoe at crazybrave, Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony, and Clem at the Dawn Chorus all have different ideas about the Great Feminist Denial and Dux’s opinion piece.

And UK-based group blog Mothers for Women’s Lib, tackles issues in and around feminist motherhood. Check it out.

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  1. I’ve been coming back to How Not To Get It On every day or two since it went up. It’s just getting more and more frightening.
    They are mostly made up… right? Please?

  2. Liam: I don’t think so.

  3. Then on behalf of our species, I welcome the incoming nuclear missiles.

  4. That thread is seriously incredible. I started out being amused, but there’s something about more than 200 stories about the crapness of straight dating that started to make me die a little inside!
    WildlyParentheticals last blog post..More vampires

  5. They’re not all about straight dating, but it does predominate in that thread.

  6. I’m sure I’m someone’s awful story (I’ve blanked his name from my memory from embarrassment). I went on a date waaaaayyyy too soon after a shock break-up and I dumped all my angst on the poor bloke. Despite most understandably looking shellshocked and probably wanting to run away halfway through dinner, I think he was worried about me, so he did drive me home.
    Sorry about all that, anonymous nice bloke. I really wasn’t myself at the time.

  7. Don’t go on dates: problem solved.

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