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obama says: learn to multitask, n00b

ETA: this is an altered version from the original, which can be seen here.

Re: “McCain wants to delay Friday’s debate; Obama rejects postponement”

“It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess,” Obama said at a news conference in Clearwater, Florida, speaking before the joint statement was issued. “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.”

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  1. LOL. Also, they kinda look like they’re gonna kiss…

  2. This campaign gets more and more extraordinary, doesn’t it? I keep thinking I’m reading a sci-fi novel like The Handmaid’s Tale or something.

  3. blue milk: I’ve been thinking Handmaid’s Tale ever since Bush started with the HHS policy equating birth control pills to abortion.

  4. LOl that made me chuckle! 🙂

  5. Question to readers of colour: do you find this racist or racially insensitive? (I’ve read one opinion that it may be.) I’m aware of the problems using “pidgin” type speech for people in various denigrated minority groups in LOLs. However I had thought that as this one rests on the l33tspeak joke (n00b), which as far as I know has never been associated with POC, that it was nowhere near that line. (It’s also, obviously, very much in favour of Obama).
    But I can recap it in “standard” English if it’s a problem, and apologise.

  6. Actually, what reminded me of Handmaid’s Tale this week was this news.

  7. McCain sez: You might want to do the job you’re paid for first.

  8. DEM, aren’t all the candidates forgoing pay from their current elected positions for any days they spend actively campaigning rather than dealing with constituency stuff? I was pretty sure that was one of the rules.

  9. He didn’t just reschedule a thing or two, he announced that he was completely suspending his campaign.
    Does anyone know of any precedent for this? Because I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first election campaign during which, y’know, something has happened.

  10. He didn’t just reschedule a thing or two, he announced that he was completely suspending his campaign.

    Yes, the sort of campaign suspension where you still go on TV and do interviews instead of having meetings with other legislators, that sort of complete suspension.
    Just that whole “job you’re being paid for” gibe strikes me as odd when it’s been accepted for decades now that the candidates just don’t accept their pay from any elected office while on campaign for another elected office.
    Although Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to have been too clear on that sort of funding distinction in the past.

  11. Given that Palin has a quite high powered position as Governor of Alaska, I do wonder who’s minding the store while she’s out on the stump or have all the candidates resigned their original positions in order to campaign?

  12. Jon Stewart was great tonight. I commend to you “McCain returns to Washington”, “Awkward Loan Interview” and “The Moment of Zen” which goes to the specific topic of this post.
    They don’t resign their positions — for instance Joe Biden is also up for Senate election in Nov. If he becomes VP he will then resign that position. Obama and McCain’s Senate seats are not up for election this time round.

  13. I presume that there is a Deputy or Lieutenant Governor of Alaska propping up the desk in Juneau, too.

  14. Yes but when there’s a major financial crisis do you really want your sub on the field?
    Amanda, I love John Stewart – we get The Daily Show on the More4 digital channel in the UK and it always has me in stitches though I don’t recognise half the people they have up to talk about their books.

  15. I don’t think the Sens/Reps already working on the bailout are “subs.” If McCain and Obama were NOT running for Prez and this happened, would they be playing the leading role in sorting out a deal? I don’t think so, it would still be the members of the relevant banking/finance committees, and House/Rep leadership. (which the Maverick is to a degree on his side but still economics has never been his area so it wouldn’t be him doing any of the hard work.) There are many hundreds of Reps and Congress-folk, they aren’t all in the room during negotiations and there is no need for them to be.
    The Maverick pulled a stunt, it failed. That’s all she wrote.
    I like his interviews with random authors. I’ve bought a few books recently on Daily Stewart interviews — currently reading one, Andrew Ward’s “The Saves’ War: The Civil War in the Words of Former Slaves.” I have thought this week was a bit limp in general considering the embarrassing wealth of material around but last night’s ep really made up for it.

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