A burbling blurb for Deep Blue

A quick word to absolutely recommend the show we went to see last night (thank you $corporate employer for the free tickets!). I’m pretty sure everyone in the band was a hoyden, including the blokes.

Deep Blue bills itself as “the orchestra re-imagined”, complete with this tagline:

Sounds like an orchestra, acts like a band, feels like a movie.

Deep Blue On Stage

Check out their video montage of various pieces – strings on stilts! This was such a fabulous high-energy night, with the musicians obviously having a ball on stage and wanting us to have one too. It’s the first time I’ve ever been asked to leave my mobile phone on for a performance so that the band could receive feedback during the show via SMS. I was initially slightly concerned that their reimagination of favourite classical and rock/pop pieces might be too precious or edge to far into sad interpretative dance territory, but I was rapidly reassured. Their use of multi-media is superb, innovative and contributing layers to the performance without ever intruding so far as to take over from the music. The way that recorded footage is woven with live images is especially impressive.

Huge fun. I especially like the community spirit shown by including a local school string ensemble on stage for a number and their special number dedicated to a charity working with the Deaf (encouraging donation pledges via the multimedia screens during the piece). They are currently on tour around NSW and QLD, moving on to the NT and WA in mid-late October. A good night out.

I didn’t send them this via SMS last night, but I do have a suggestion for the next time they want to ramp up the thrill factor of the show a little more: I’m sure there’s a spot for a fire-twirler in there, ideally to the accompaniment of Flight of the Bumblebee.

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