Book Giveaway: The Great Feminist Denial

The Great Feminist DenialI can’t deny, the timing on this has been a little awkward. We had a monster thread nearly two weeks ago about an op-ed written by one of the co-authors of this book, Monica Dux, where the general sense was aggrieved at some phrasing she used on the way to making a broad argument.

However, it’s important to separate the book as a whole from a short op-ed piece. Lauredhel and I were both interviewed via email for the book by co-author Zora Simic, so it’s not as if we are wholly disinterested in the message of the book, we want to know what others think of it. Here’s where the giveaway comes in: Melbourne University Press kindly sent me a review copy plus two copies to give away to readers here and at Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. I haven’t actually read it yet, because I want to distance myself from the reaction to the op-ed first. But other people should definitely be reading it and making up their own minds.

So, this giveaway is open to any reader who has left at least one comment here before: the book will wing its way to the first reader who provides me with either a limerick or a haiku about the concept of the book – that young women are distancing themselves from the feminist label and that we need to understand why. There is only one condition – to qualify for the giveaway the poem must avoid buying into the fracas over the Dux op-ed. (Yes, I know that this leaves it open for those who don’t want a copy of the book but who do want to make a point – they can submit a more withering disqualifying contribution just because they can – do it if you must, but abide by the comments policy as you do, please.)

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  1. Ms Monica Dux thinks we’re hairy
    and that makes young women quite wary
    But she and Ms Simic point out
    that feminism’s about
    more than whether we look very scary

  2. Rebekka, I think you’ve cracked it there!
    Email me your meatspace address, and I’ll drop by Australia Post to send it to you tomorrow.

  3. Meatspace. Hmmmm. Where did that come from originally?

  4. Not sure – it’s meant to contrast with cyberspace, obviously, but I don’t know who first came up with the term.

  5. I thought “meatspace” was straight out of Neuromancer, but metafilter begs to differ.

  6. Feminism, then and now.
    Kids today are apathetic
    Are they ignorant? Or pathetic!
    Back in my day, we were tops –
    Leaders of the agit-props!
    (Let’s coo and sound more sympathetic.)

  7. Just posted one over at Feminism 101, but if it’s in time for the cut, how about sending the book to Hell on Hairy Legs.

  8. Thanks Deborah 🙂
    Now, just for the hell of it let’s see if I have any skills left over from primary school.
    Ms Simic and Ms Dux tell a tale
    of feminism being framed by the obnoxious male
    of a media gone on a slander spree
    (in which we all become quite hairy)
    The books tells them that they FAIL.
    Nope, still need to fidget with the emphasis. Oh well.

  9. Hmmm… it’s still awaiting moderation over there – too many links in it, I think.

  10. Reposting here… also with too many links:
    Anyone who thinks
    Young women aren’t feminist
    Needs to look harder.
    Deborahs last blog post..What I’ve been doing

  11. Just set your comment free at FF101, Deborah – nice to see a haiku.

  12. I’ve already read it, but in the sporting spirit:
    A world relentlessly patriarchal
    is tarnishing feminism’s sparkle
    it needs a new Brand
    and (chaste) holding of hands
    to make those young gels see we are cool

  13. Awesome haiku Deborah! I wasn’t brave enough to attempt one with feminism being four syllables.
    Clever Zoe, the “tarnishing feminism’s sparkle” bit was brilliant.
    Tim, yours is pretty awesome too. Reminds me of the English department at my school comprised mainly of former hippies.

  14. Feminism iznt kewl
    Sez mi frendz at infants skool
    But our teecher Missus Dux
    Sez that all my frendz are shmuckz
    I thnik that mi teecher rulezzz.

  15. Women, come gather ye millions –
    You need not chose a life as man’s pillion
    The media’s wrong
    we can all get along
    And yes, you can still have brazilians!

  16. Heh – keep ‘em coming!

  17. Monica’s lament
    We shook of the chains of opression
    In the great post-60s progression:
    But now – oh the pain!
    We’re shackled again –
    In a great retrogressive progression!

  18. Fun Feminism
    Abounds in the third-wave realm
    Fourth Wave FTW
    Ms Dux says feminism can be pretty
    Jury’s out on whether it’s gay or witty
    Myths are made and broken
    Crucial things are left unspoken
    and it’s all very iffy
    (like that limerick)

  19. Now is the winter
    of feminism –
    damn you, hairy dykes!

  20. What has formed this dreadful schism
    Betwixt the youth and feminism?
    Should we blame the patriarchy,
    Or Greer for being so very snarky?
    I think I’ll have an aneurysm.

  21. Can feminists reconcile yet
    Lefty militance with a pearlset?
    Does social parity
    Really need solidarity?
    Well done, sister suffragette!

  22. When plucky young ladies relate
    “Those hairy old lezzos I hate!”
    Do they want male attention
    Or fluid retention?
    ‘Cause my blood starts to boil in that state!

  23. I wonder their true motivations
    (or at least their justifications)
    do they want salutations
    or congratulations
    for feminist generalisations?

  24. I have not yet learnt
    to look past the bad PR.
    Blinded by backlash.
    Rayedishs last blog post..Sorry for the silence (or ‘the youtube clip of the week edition’)

  25. I always think poetry’s better
    If it’s a little bit meta
    And with this great hook
    I might win a book
    About somethingorother whatever.

  26. Eeek! The two copies I sent to Rebekka and Hellonhairylegs have just come back to me as insufficient postage, EVEN THOUGH THE POSTAL CLERK CALCULATED THE POSTAGE FOR ME.

    Sassafrassing clerical errors. He must have punched in the wrong package code or something. Anyway, have now been reposted and are winging their way to you both.

  27. Ah, that would explain very much why it hasn’t arrived! I was thinking the evil man in the front apartment had nicked it, and was wondering what he’d make of it… not being the feminist ally type himself. More the grumpy old bugger who hates our rabbits for no apparent reason type.


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