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  1. Yep, “Don’t Panic” inevitably brings to mind such things as towels, babelfish, an electronic thumb and hyperspace bypasses for me too.
    Hubby works for a large US company. We’re kind of holding our breath and hoping.
    mimbless last blog post..Interesting

  2. Tangentially, at a time when we’re all worried about numbingly large numbers, I found today’s xkcd rather reassuring (plus it has an H2GT2G reference):

  3. Bother- I didn’t realise it had that big white border around it. Click on the image in the comment above to be taken to xkcd’s page for this comic panel, so that you can see it at its best.

  4. What’s with throwing the cat off the edge?

  5. Sorry, in the XKCD comic, top right. Is this a recurring theme?

  6. I’m no entirely sure, Mindy. Perhaps it’s Schrodinger’s Cat?

  7. Aha – according to the XKCD forums, it is a coakis i.e. catonakeyboardinspace [explanation] [original] (the links are to googlecaches, because I think Randy’s slashdotted ytmnd with this one)

  8. Actually, I’m confused. The coakis is near the Magellanic clouds, so I still don’t know what’s going on with the cat at the top of the observable universe.

  9. I assumed it was experimental – does a cat dropped from the top of the universe still land on its feet?

  10. It is also the Black Hat Guy who is dropping the cat, and he is baaaaaaad.

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