Quick Hit: Willetts: Bridget Jones + working women = TEOTWAWKI

willetts saying zomg
David Willetts, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, at a UK Conservative Party conference:

“Bridget Jones is a real phenomenon, driven partly by the way the pattern of university education is changing.

For the first time, in a historic experiment in our society, we have more women than men emerging from university. The majority of young people not in education, employment or training are men.

Of course the world is changing, and it is fantastic it is. But the fact is that even if men want to be the breadwinner, they are no longer being given the opportunity of being the breadwinner. They are no longer given the opportunity to bring home the bacon, and the evidence is that that is bad for families.

Of course the family is an emotional and personal thing, but it is also an economic institution and what we are describing is the collapse of the economic circumstances that hold families together.

The man who can’t go out and command a decent wage is not going to be able to hold a family together.”

Is this “ZOMG! The Patriarchy is crumbling, oh noez!”, “ZOMG! Uppity wimminz are taking our jobs!”, or something entirely different?

via The Telegraph.

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  1. It took me ages to remember what TEOTWAWKI meant, and I’m still none the wiser as to what that twit’s actual message is meant to be.

  2. Yeah life is tough when you can’t just rely on the threat of financial abandonment to keep your Mrs.

  3. Yes, according to this chap, the very bedrock of our economic system is the forced or coerced dependence of women. And he’s quite happy to say it out loud.
    I wonder how the denialists will spin this one?

  4. Goodness, whatever shall we do? Perhaps next they’ll suggest an uneducation program for women.

  5. I think it’s “What about the menz?” with a whole lot of lying by omission to fuel his argument.

  6. So if men are failing as breadwinners because too many educated women are taking all the jobs, perhaps they should be thankful that they can now have an “easy” life of homemaking, while their wives bring home the bacon. I mean, once the kids are off at school, and all the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and other errands are done, all homemakers do is sit around sipping tea and eating bonbons, right?
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  7. Is this “ZOMG! The Patriarchy is crumbling, oh noez!”, “ZOMG! Uppity wimminz are taking our jobs!”, or something entirely different?
    Nope… You have it right. This numpty is really that much of an idiot.
    The wonders of British politics!

  8. Whaa? Women at university?? Women in paid work??

    You have to wonder where this guy has been for the last century.

  9. I can’t remember if it was here, or over at HellonHairyLegs’s place, but it was in response to that WA MRA group who claimed that men are as oppressed as Aborigines– but someone (not me!) pointed out that the only reason that women outnumber men in higher education is because teaching and nursing– two fields traditionally dominated by women– now require university degrees. But once women start working in these fields, which are underpaid to start with, their chances for promotion are not nearly equal to that of a man. So really, the only reason that women outnumber men is because it’s part of maintaining a system where women are overworked and undercompensated.

  10. Gosh how radical to be part of an “historic experiment” and even more exciting to witness the end of capitalism AND patriarchy in the same week.
    When I’ve had a bit of a lie down and a bex I might just go out and ruin some more families, while plotting my next evil deed.
    another outspoken females last blog post..602 – now you know what kind of broad you are dealing with!

  11. Hands up anyone who feels comfortable having to rely on a bloke for their financial security..? Anybody?

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