Quick Hit: Weekend Election Watch

Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Making Light sums up how frothingly the extreme right wing blogosphere is reacting to the polls for the McCain campaign: The Corner goes round the bend

Meanwhile, as I say, The Corner and its cronies continue their descent into conspiracy theory, as they attempt to “prove” that Obama is really a socialist. Ironically, the last few weeks have seen socialism’s biggest advance in decades at the hands of the Bush administration, which has nationalized Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and AIG. As of this morning, it appears likely that the feds will also be taking ownership stakes in many U.S banks. (Which is probably a good thing, given current conditions. It’s certainly better than McCain’s proposed solutions, which do more to justify the “more of the same old same old” criticisms leveled against him than almost anything else in his career.)

Are The Corner, Powerline, and Politically Drunk on Power screaming about that sort of socialism? They are not. It’s enough to make you think that the “issues” they normally go on about are just flags of convenience, and that the only issue to which they’re truly committed is that their side should always win.

Read the whole thing, it’s chockablock with linky goodness. Please link to any other striking posts in comments.

ADDIT: Teresa’s got another post full of links about McCain. Also worth reading.

Let’s try and keep the election politics in this thread and out of the Otterday thread this weekend?

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  1. That makes me need a strong drink.
    There’s a post on Orange Jumper about Main Street America and how McCain/Palin’s pandering to it may harm them, inspired by this week’s Rednecks for Obama. Having plenty of relatives and experience with that attitude, I concur with a lot of what Mac says.

  2. In which the Foxublicans are horrified – HORRIFIED, I say! – that Sarah Palin is photographed with pores and facial hair: ”Actually, It Could Only Be 2/3rds of a Slap in the Face” by PortlyDyke on Shakesville.
    In which McCain consorts with terrorists: ”Guilt by Association”, by Jill at Feministe.
    In which the Rensselaer County electoral officials replaced “Barack Obama” with Barack Osama” on official absentee ballots: ”Barack ‘Osama’ ballots in New York? Serious.” on the seattlepi.com Big Blog. (Yes, I have submitted this to FAILblog.)

  3. McCain’s response at a townhall when a woman said “He’s an Arab”?

    ”No ma’am, he’s a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what this campaign is all about. He’s not.”

    Unlike those filthy indecent anti-family Ay-rabs, I suppose. What a douchebag.
    Video at Sociological Images.

  4. The rabid Right are preparing a “knife in the back” meme, so successfully deployed in Germany in the 20/30s and the US after Vietnam. They’ve now proved that FDR lengthen the Depression (by being a shudder Democrt) and Fannie & Freddie caused the world’s financial meltdown. So no blame then for CDOs,the financial engineering “product” (sic!) the only function of which was to generate obscene fees when on-sold to those who should (probably did) know better. So no worries, it’ll only be a brief interregnum before the Repugs return. Midnight in Amerika.

  5. A righty blogger’s gone too far in getting upset over the ‘Abort Sarah Palin’ signs, and made one that basically says Lynch Obama, saying if we’re calling racist, then he’ll give us racist.
    It’s repulsive. You can find out more via Jill from Feministe’s Twitter.

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