Calling all ozbloggers who go to live comedy shows

Write me a review for my new Australian online comedy portal – news, reviews and directory all rolled into one! It’s called Gagging For It (rimshot), and I need more coverage of shows outside Sydney.

About ten years ago I used to do stand up around Sydney – I stopped because I got crook and wasn’t earning enough from it to make up for going on stage feeling crook. Earlier this year I decided that I missed the scene and wanted to go and see more shows and also do something for the scene with all I’ve learnt about web-wrangling over the last few years. While there are a few websavvy geek comedians out there, most are not, and it can be hard to find out where your favourite comic is currently performing if they don’t at the very least keep their MySpace Comedy page gig-guide up to date. So, Gagging For It aims to redress that lack of findability – let fans find info about their favourite venues and performers easily.

And what do I get out of it? So far, a few comped tickets for Viv+1, and hopefully more to come. This week I got to see John Moloney! (bounce!) At the Marble Bar! Next weekend I’m seeing Red Card Comedy at the Roxbury Hotel, which is a gong-show format that promises to be rather different and lots of fun.

If the site takes off, there is the possibility that acknowledged reviewers for Gagging For It in other cities will also get comps to shows (no promises, the site needs to accumulate more cred in the industry first, which will come from a broad coverage of news and reviews from multiple writers). Ultimately, I plan to monetise the site with the dreaded third party ads like they have on LP, and when I do I should be able to pay a small honorarium to reviewers, but that’s not currently on the cards. As a rough guide, TimT wrote a great review on Friday for the Anarchist’s Guild Social Committee Meetings, a monthly sketch comedy show at the Trades Hall in Melbourne (that show’s just started about half an hour ago: I meant to write this post this morning (blame sleep-over sleep deprivation) but you can still book for the show next month, which would be a fine idea as they are starting to sell out).

Bring on the laughs!

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  1. I didn’t know you’d done stand-up! That’s wonderful! It’s all on YouTube, right? Right?

  2. Sadly, no. I stood up back in the prehistoric days before YouTube or even cameraphones, when putting a show-reel together was a massive undertaking. Someone out there probably has some video footage mouldering on a shelf, but I have no idea who.

  3. Will have to work on a review for you, but in the meantime I recommend you check out a particularly hilarious and absurdist Sydney comedian Shane Matheson.

  4. Thanks for the tip, chops – I’ve heard good things but haven’t managed to catch him yet.

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