Election Watch: only two weeks to go for the presidential poll!

Photo of the Week: the McCain funnyface.

Video of the Week: Palin on Saturday Night Live.

Canadian election: Stephen Harper is PM again

New Zealand election: still got 2 and a half weeks of campaigning to go, with their polling date on Nov 8 (a Saturday, like a sensible country). Most projections have it that no party will get a clear majority, necessitating a coalition government. Which parties will have the best numbers for a governing coalition is yet to be seen.

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  1. And oh Gods those two and a half weeks cannot go by fast enough.

  2. Jill at Feministe has a post full of resources for those who want to ensure that McCain/Palin doesn’t end up squeaking it in.
    Looking at the level of work required just to get people to go to the polls in the USA, I’m more than ever grateful for our compulsory attendance at the polling station here in Oz. Of course it increases our donkey vote level hugely, but at least we don’t have to pour all these resources into just getting people to go to the polls.

  3. I’ve heard commentary supporting both compulsory and non-compulsory voting. While I ideally would love all voters to turn out for every election, there’s no infrastructure here for those numbers, and people would get really resentful really fast causing the results to skew terribly, I think.
    There’s good and bad consequences for both.

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