Virtual Travelling: Pause for Reflection, wherever we are

It’s always irresistible when travelling with a camera, isn’t it? Any gorgeous reflections that you happen upon. Of course, some of the shots below have been meticulously planned by shutterbugs who know their local area and its lighting intimately. All photos found via Flickr Explore & a search for “reflections”.

Mosaic: Pause for reflection

So, where have you been out and about and spotted a fantastic reflection? Doesn’t have to have been on a trip to faraway lands – I’ve seen some great reflections down at my local park! If you have the photo posted on Flickr, please add it to the Hoydens About! group image pool and/or link your photo in the discussion thread I’ve just posted there.

Image credits:
1. winding up, 2. Living is good and living is fine, we’re happy as we can be… we work all day but our hearts are gay, and while we work we sing…thanks to the rolling sea …, 3. Gone Fishin’, 4. The House on the Lake, 5. Torino Gran Madre, 6. Golden poetry, 7. The waiting is over, 8. Promise of a new dawn, 9. Fijne avond

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  1. I took this one in Te Anau in February 2007.

    And although it’s neither a travel shot nor a landscape, this is my favourite reflection shot– taken just outside my front door on a rainy day.

    [images admin magicked ~ tigtog]

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