Election Watch: only 1 more week

Cindy McCain Claims She’s “Just Like Any Other Female Human”

The video above is from the revamped The Onion website. Check it some of their new stuff.

What is striking you about the Obama & McCain campaigns as they go into the final straight?

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  1. Comedy gold. I just want the election to be over. It’s like pregnancy in the final stages, it’s gone on too long and you are anxious to see what you get.

  2. Oh, cool. This is one of the very, very few comedy articles about any of the female candidates/candidates’ spouses that manages to be completely absurdist and insulting without actually going after her with weary sexist tropes.
    I’m still on tenterhooks to see whether the Republicans have something desperate and awful up their sleeves, but it seems rather late in the day if they do. I want Florida to go to Obama, on principle. I’m very tense about election tampering. I’m worried about racialised violence – could there be riots? Like Cronulla, but on a larger scale? Other than that, I mostly can’t wait for the day.
    Arizona just eased to pink on RCP, and the northern prairies have stayed gray.

  3. It seems that the McCain/Palin campaign is trying absolutely anything to frighten the people into voting for them. I suppose it makes some kind of sense considering that their previous tactics haven’t worked.
    The latest trick is the “Democrats will control everything!” approach, similar to the “wall-to-wall Labor” tactic used by the Liberals at the last year’s Federal election in Australia. It comes as the Democrats look poised to strengthen their majority in both houses of Congress.
    Of course, let’s not mention that the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and the Senate and the Presidency from 2003-2006 and the world didn’t quite end then – though not for want of trying on the Republicans’ behalf.

  4. Honestly, I think that McCain is just lying to himself at this point– his statements about Palin being the best qualified person ever to run for VP and his suggestion the other day that he’s still in a good position to win, suggest to me that he is only able to hold on by deluding himself. Tigtog made the suggestion the other day that he also sees himself as entitled to win this election, and I see that too– he just can’t let himself believe that he could lose, even if he isn’t able to fully convince himself.
    Lauredhel, the prospect of racial violence also worries me. Some very ugly segments of US society are starting to rear their heads, and I’d hate to see an Obama victory marred by white supremacist activity.

  5. McCain is a pain; Obama is calmer; Palin is failin’; … who’s that other guy?
    M-Hs last blog post..Depressing, isn’t it?

  6. Biden is biding his time?

  7. I’m agreed with Arctic Firefox–it’s kitchen sink hour for the Republicans, and too late for any massive October Surprises (I hope). They’re trying anything that seems like it could be remotely effective, and not conceding on any points, including some they should be making (no comment on Ashley Todd, no comment on today’s foiled assassination plot).
    When it comes to riots…I honestly don’t know. The climate locally doesn’t seem to fall that way, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to outside the Midwest.

  8. Just read this: “US says it foiled plot to kill Barack Obama

    [Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman 18] were arrested last Wednesday in Tennessee, the documents from the Memphis court showed.
    The men discussed a “killing spree to include targeting a predominantly African-American school … they further stated that their final act of violence would be to attempt to kill/assassinate presidential candidate Barack Obama”,

    Edit: Go right to the source at The Smoking Gun.

  9. Also, about the video, why won’t people use the ‘w’ word any more? When did ‘female’ (which is an adjective that requires a noun like human or dog or spider after it for sense) become a synonym for woman? Why wouldn’t she say “I’m just like any other woman”? It’s become common usage in the press to say ‘female’ for woman – especially when reporting crime – “a female was arrested” – or accidents – “a female was injured”. Is it some kind of wonky idea of political correctness?
    M-Hs last blog post..Depressing, isn’t it?

  10. One election after another, we’ve been on election watch now for 2 years. I’m looking forward to discussing issues for a change or just making videos about butterflies.

  11. M-H, given that in the Onion scenario Cindy is meant to be a reptilian alien, perhaps using “female” makes sense. I agree that it’s disturbing to see it in news reports that use “man”.
    Never mind, Paris Hilton puts the whole thing in perspective:
    Perhaps her legacy will be one of satire?
    ETA: via Tracey

  12. So I’m wondering, do any Hoydenizens know of any pubs in Sydney that will be playing a broadcast of the election results (I’m guessing it’ll start around 10-11am Wednesday our time), and if so, does anyone who’s free want to get together and watch?
    I have a feeling that this may well be the most significant election to occur in my lifetime, and I’d kind of like to share it with people. 🙂

  13. What a fantastic idea – I was idly wondering something similar a few weeks ago and never did anything about it.
    Is Politics in the Pub still being put on somewhere? I imagine the particular pub in question might be a reasonable bet for watching the results roll in.

  14. If this is their site, then no, they don’t appear to have anything planned for the US election.
    Back to Google…

  15. Okay, Manning Bar at Sydney Uni is having an Election Day Spectacular on Wednesday 10am-6pm. There’s a $10 cover charge ($5 concession) that includes a barbeque, and tickets are good for multiple entries.

  16. I put up a thread on LP to solicit suggestions, and a couple have seconded the Manning Bar, although Liam’s suggesting the Warren View on Enmore Road, which is indeed an excellent pub with excellent grub.

  17. Well, I’m good with either– I only suggested Manning because it was the only one I could find via Google.

  18. I wish I could do something, but alas, I am:
    – far away
    – stuck with prior Tuesday night commitments
    This ‘adulthood’ thing sucks. In ’04 we just drank too many tequila sunrises, then just ended up mixing the tequila with whatever.

  19. Well, our Wednesday lunchtime is your Tuesday night, Bene, so we’ll be doing the synchronised elbow bend anyway!
    I’ve just created a Votewatch event on Facebook and invited all the members of the Hoyden group – if you haven’t been assimilated yet check it out anyway – it’s handy for coordinating and updates.

  20. Facebook is so keen for me to attend it’s invited me 3 times! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it though. Hope facebook isn’t too disappointed.

  21. Aiiieee – sorry about that, Mindy! Don’t know what got into it.
    Anyway, I’ve confirmed the Warren View now, and booked a table with a TV reserved for the channel of our choice, starting from 11am. I’ll have to leave by 3, but if others want to kick on and meet up with other people after they finish work, then why the hell not?

  22. I also got multiple invotes from an unrelated event so a facebook not Tigtog glitch.
    OK, Warren View it is. I’ll be the one in the Joe Biden badge!

  23. Is it ok that I totally adore you? I posted about your brown cancer campaign. I think I woke up my daughter laughing at that video and the Paris video. You’re awesome!

  24. debutaunt, are you inviting me to bask? Because bask I will!


  25. I teach on Wednesday [sigh] so would probably make it back out (the warren view is just around the corner) just in time to see you all leave. Ah well. I’m trying to decide how irritating undergrads might be to share election-watching with 😉 I sincerely dislike our uni bar (seriously; it’s like a concrete bunker…) but it might be worth it!
    Also, facebook is having a teensy fit. I got invited several times to several events, including this one.

  26. Eeep! Yesterday I was feeling calm and confident about Obama winning– but today I’ve read some things that make me think that a lot of the polls are way over-inflated in his favour, which means that a lot of states that are leaning blue really aren’t, and… EEEP!

  27. I share a level of anxiety about people putting on a good face for the polls, and also about Diebold et al polling machines deliberately finagling votes.

    But how do we judge the probabilities? I have no idea how to weigh them.

  28. I don’t know either, Tigtog. It’s really hard to wrap one’s head around so many different factors. I’d been spending so much time on optimistic US blogs that it was only when someone was actively dubious at my ‘I’m sure Obama will get in’ that I really questioned myself. Which of course leads to massive anxiety, not least today when I was teaching GTMO and extraordinary rendition to a bunch of undergrads. 😦 The world needs a new USA. Fingers crossed. And toes. And everything else I own.
    WildlyParentheticals last blog post..Champagne Days…

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