Virtual Travelling: Barack O’ Lantern

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Barack O’ Lantern, originally uploaded by Aidenag.

My largest pumpkin carving endeavor ever. I took the Shepard Fairey designed poster, put it in CS, made it 3 shades in B&W and resized it to 8×10. Used carbon paper to etch the pattern onto the pumpkin, then used an exacto knife(man i wish i had dremel tool) and carved the 3 layers to make the pattern. Total time 8hrs

The level of Halloween stuff currently online has steadily risen over the last few weeks. Because it coincides with the week before election once every four years, I guess that means political pumpkins are quite common, but the one above is a particularly neat piece of carving.

We don’t do the carved pumpkin thing here in Australia (we don’t do Halloween much at all really, except for a few little kids knocking on doors at unpredictable intervals), but I’m annually astonished by the amount of work some people in the US put into creating works of art or commentary to accompany the candyfest.

What other impressive pumpkins have people seen online? Does everyone remember the Death Star pumpkin that got mailed to a gazillion inboxes last year? While we’re on the theme, what about costumes? I know some of my readers have sprogs with great imaginations in the costume department, so what are they going to wear this year?

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  1. As begun last week, there is an associated discussion thread over at the Hoydens About! Flickr group. Please share any uploaded Halloweeny photos with us there and/or here!

  2. My gawd, is Halloween big over here. Whole shops open up just selling costumes and robotic witches. Its cool but still a bit weird.
    Most stores have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff up now. Talk about sparkly overload.
    My Mum is visiting for 3 months so we got cable hooked up and borrowed a TV. I haven’t had a TV for 10 years so of course I’m glued to it.
    (I watch TV on the computer in the form of downloads and Netflicks, I’m not a total luddite 😉
    Last night on the Food network we watched the Cereal Bridges challenge and the Outrageous Pumpkin Carving. The winner gets $10k and bragging rights. Strange but compelling.
    Hopefully I’ll get some Halloweeny night photos on Friday.
    I bought Halloween candy in case we get any kids dropping by, we have a Skull hanging in the garden and purple bat tinsel wrapped around a Spruce tree. When in Rome….

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