Virtual Travelling: Sunset at Rhossili Bay, The Gower

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Slow Worm, originally uploaded by Sean Bolton.

The rocky outcrop offshore is the Worm’s Head, “wyrm” being the Old Welsh term for “dragon”. Rhossili Bay is a great place for sunset shots – here’s one from more towards the northern end, closer to the town of Llangennith:

Rhossili was one of our favourite “big” Sunday drives when we were living in South Wales (although almost anywhere on the Gower Peninsula would do). The beach is rather famous in its own right, known to locals as Llangennith Sands, and very popular with surfers. Here’s a shot showing how the cliffs and hills overlook the beach, which is an awful long walk down.

Here’s a couple more typical shots, on greyer days:

Where else do people love a wild beach, or a beach just begging for sunset shots?

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5 replies

  1. Whenever I see the word ‘worm’ or the word ‘dragon’ I think of the boy in a friend’s Old and Middle English class, back in the mists of time, who failed an exam when he translated what should have been ‘fierce dragons’ as ‘wild worms’.
    Those photos are wonderful.

  2. @ Pavlov’s Cat:
    Oh dear, poor lad. He mustn’t have been paying full attention though.
    I really enjoy trawling Flickr for images each week. Something always pops up during the week to give me a theme to explore or a destination to peruse, and there’s always some fabulous images up there.

  3. Oh, Rhossili. My father and I both want our ashes scattered there. I lived in Merthyr until I was ten, and we used to go to the Gower a lot. My dad used to fish on the Worms Head as well.
    It’s my favourite place in the world.

  4. I don’t have photos of my own, but I do have a favourite ocean spot, at Cape Leeuwin where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. There’s a spot there, near the lighthouse, that is just perfect for eating fresh-picked raspberries and strawberry champagne while awaiting sundown.

    Here are a couple of different moods:

  5. The Gower is beautiful indeed … it’s just not worth having to live in Swansea to see it regularly.
    Dylan Thomas called Swansea “the graveyard of broken dreams” – they even have it set into the floor at the train station which doesn’t seem particularly inviting to visitors – but I prefer the Twin Town definition, “It’s a pretty sh*tty, city.”

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