Quiet, isn’t it?

Lots of stuff happening off blog – about to take child to get braces etc.

What’s everybody else up to?

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  1. Bene’s RL self has been riding the proverbial failwhale this week. Lots of bills, lots of problems.

  2. Been writing the post I just published on Salma Hayek “still” breastfeeding.
    Also, this week I suddenly seem to need two hours more sleep than usual each night. Which is annoying.

  3. Well, I finally finalised all hope for the future of this stupid relationship (or rather, he did it, by his use of yelling and threats.) I feel very peaceful, and hope for the future. I hope I can find someone without a temper.
    And I have an interview for the course I want (NEED) to get into. 2 weeks to prepare a folio! My co-workers think I’m infected with the Hunta virus, as I’ve been squeaking like a happy mouse for the past half an hour.
    And I found the most amazing orange and green tartan seersucker suit on my favourite vintage site.

  4. I’m back earlier than expected with no braces for the child. Our dentist is in hospital with some horrible allergic reaction to something, and they didn’t have our updated phone details to notify us.
    Poor Ned, he’s been in hospital for nearly two weeks. Nasty.

  5. Well I have spent the week wondering whether or not it makes me a bad mommy for removing some of the batteries from the kids toys. I simply cannot take the noise level anymore. I also have been trying to recover from the unexpected expense of having to call a plumber, who had to remove my toilet after the baby flushed a bottle of cologne down it. I keep telling him he owes me 250 dollars and he keeps singing the barney theme in response. It is a good thing that he is such a cute little guy.
    Renee’s last blog post..For Men It’s Until Infidelity Do We Part

  6. I’ve been doing P&C President stuff, providing morning tea for parents and kids at kindy orientation, and watching a couple of guys installing ducted air-conditioning in my house. Most of the afternoon was consumed by me saying “please sit down and do your homework” on endless loop with very little result. So much fun.

  7. Renee, I remove batteries from noisy toys as standard procedure. My kid really doesn’t seem traumatised. Whatever gets you through the day I say.

  8. Working on getting a site redesign launched, etc. stupid 16 hour days. bleh.

  9. @Renee :
    These quick links might help you feel better about taking the batteries out. Or you might already have heard those, and I’ll just note the fact that I’ve done the same while over my nephews house for extended periods of time. There really should be a volume setting that parents can twiddle with next to the batteries.
    Sorry for the double post, but I’m not awake yet. **goes back to her tea**

  10. @polerin
    OMG thanks for the links I had no idea. I feel no guilt now. When the kiddies hunker down for the night the batteries are coming out of the loudest ones. Thanks.
    Renee’s last blog post..For Men It’s Until Infidelity Do We Part

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