Virtual travelling: Xmas coming earlier every year

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas from Maureen F. (Toronto, Canada)

Anyone seeing decorations round your neighborhood yet? They arrived in our supermarket & shopping mall a few weeks ago (before Halloween!, as is typically maddening, but I haven’t seen anything in people’s windows yet. My parents did surprise me by saying they were going to a Xmas party last weekend though.

I just don’t think it’s right & proper to break out the tinsel before December.

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  1. I agree completely. Back when I worked in retail, we had to start answering the phones with “Merry Christmas” on November 1, which I found to be the most ridiculous thing ever– I didn’t do it unless there was a manager hovering over me. Putting up the decorations in October (at our local shopping centre too!) is a new low, however. Really, they should wait until at least November 25 (and preferably December 1).

  2. It can’t be Christmas, there’s no snow.
    Actually, that was the funniest thing about being in Australia – seeing these Christmas decorations up in Forest Square that showed children playing in the snow. I met people in Perth who had never in their lives seen snow, but gosh darn it, Christmas means snow.

  3. There’s less of that around Sydney than there used to be, say 20 years ago. Fewer snowy illustrations on cards, too. They’re still around, and some people still think they’re compulsory, but it’s less common, just like the baked Xmas Day dinner has gone out of style as people woke up to the fact that unlike dear old Blighty it was warm enough here, thank you. But we, and every other British-descent family we knew when I was a kid, used to have the whole Dickens fest every summery Xmas Day.

  4. The idea of cooking that much food in the mid-summer heat makes me feel ill. *urgle*
    My workplace hasn’t done anything inside for the holidays, but apparently we have decore up outside. I arrive at night so I haven’t paid attention. The grocery store, though – oh, the grocery store. *sobs*
    I’m so glad I don’t go out much.

  5. just like the baked Xmas Day dinner has gone out of style
    I confess, that I LOVE cooking a Christmas roast, even on a hot day. I won’t be doing it this year, as I won’t be going home to my family (I’ll be with my partner’s family instead, where we will be having an infinitely more sensible lunch of cold meats and seafood), but I usually do a lamb roast for Christmas, with plenty of carb-filled veggies, and delicious gravy (though my dad makes the gravy). Last year we had our neighbours around, and the weather was cool enough (and fly-free enough) that we could eat out on the back verandah, with plenty of red wine.

  6. I’m a secret fan of the roast Xmas dinner too. With so much left over that you eat it for dinner (if you have room) and for lunch the next day too.
    The big Xmas tree went up in Westfield a couple of weeks ago, and Santa was in Big W on the weekend. He checked with my 5 yr old that he was allowed to come into the house to drop off presents. I don’t think he meant to disturb my little boy quite as much as he did.
    I am not putting up the Xmas tree until at least 2 December, probably later. We are having my parents over for dinner on the 20th, so that’s my deadline.
    I once saw a show, might even have been Oprah or Dr Phil about women, and a lone man, in the US who keep their decorations up almost all year. Some had one room of decorations and one had the entire house decked out all year round, even the toilet. Her husband had given up trying to get her to put it away years ago. One husband still made his wife put it all away in September. She got it all back out again mid-November, but he reasoned at least he had 6 weeks to look forward to each year. It was scary.

  7. Even lol cats are in on it now.
    Admin magic please! [sure thing! ~ tigtog]
    more animals

  8. We started running our Christmas ads Nov 1.


    All I ask is that I be allowed to start my war on Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving!

    Is that too much to ask?

  9. I completely agree with this. War on Christmas, my ass. The holiday music will be on endless repetition at my bookstore job soon. Argh! Love the photo though.

  10. I saw my first Christmas decorations for sale in K-Mart in July this year. We didn’t want to put the decorations up until Christmas in our shop, but customers kept asking where they were, so we put them up this week.

  11. I was invited to a ‘christmas party’ held by one of the departments at work. It was held on 31 October–I really don’t know why.

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