Femmostroppo Reader – April 16, 2009

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  1. Spoiler warning on the Heroes post (I’m not sure which episode it’s for, sorry).

  2. @ lauredhel:
    Oops. Will add spoiler warning.

  3. Thanks for the link-love, Tig. And that “damn metal bikini” post reminds me — I caught Drumline a few nights ago. Fabulous movie, in a lot of ways. Campus melodrama about marching bands at black colleges. Wonderful performance set-pieces, interesting subtext about the construction of masculinity. Great, fluffy movie. My kid would love it.
    90% of the screentime that women get in the flick, they’re bump-and-grind cheerleaders. If women were absent — if it was a movie about all-male worlds — I could work with that, but they’re present, and present in a way that’s not just creepy on its own, but which renders their absence from the main narrative creepy.
    So I can’t show the flick to my kid. Which, you know, sucks.

  4. Marching bands are all-boy? In Australia school and university bands and orchestras are usually predominantly female, or at least a roughly even split. Is this a cultural difference, or was is just who they chose to follow in the movie?

  5. @ orlando:
    We don’t really have marching bands at schools and unis here in Oz, do we? We generally don’t do marching bands except in the actual army here, or in community organisations with a paramilitary mindset. Certainly the community Highland Pipe Bands that I know are mostly male, and generally all-male up until a few years ago.
    I get the impression that in the US the marching band is a big part of football matches, which we don’t include in our footy rituals here. The boys seem to march with brass and drum with the band while girls do marching as baton-twirlers, or are otherwise are on the football field as cheerleaders.

  6. Don’t know about the movie but definitely school/college marching bands in the States are mixed gender IRL.

  7. There are actually a few women in the marching bands in Drumline, but only a very few. The narratives in the movie, and the main protaganists, are all male.
    But the bands in Drumline aren’t exactly traditional marching bands, even by US standards. This clip from the movie gives you a taste:

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