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A great primer on how to prepare your family for a serious flu pandemic is available from a health study group: Pandemic Influenza Preparation and Response: A Citizen’s Guide (via hilzoy at Obsidian Wings)

We can all hope that it just won’t get that bad. And it probably won’t. For balance, quixote has a flu faction and fiction post on Shakesville (read the earlier post on Bird Flu at his own blog as well).

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  1. And now confirmed cases in NZ.

    The shitty reporting on this issue may kill me before the pandemic does.

  2. Actually, coverage in the UK (other than the Daily Star’s “750,000 Britons Could Perish!!”, but that’s the Star of course) has been pretty measured. It’s absolutely everywhere of course, but is still along the lines of we may have a problem here – don’t panic yet, but be aware.
    I’ll be very interested to see what explanation emerges for the death rate in Mexico given that all the exported cases seem to be very mild and closer to normal seasonal flu in severity.


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