Linkdump: In the Papers: “Work-life balance”, and disablism gone rampant

Ugh, this article shits me: “Vote Yes for work-life balance: industry leaders“. You’re the fucking CEO of a company, start work earlier if you want an extra hour of business communications with the Eastern States. (Background for furriners and t’other-siders: we’re up for yet another referendum on daylight savings in a week or two.)

But I’m also annoyed at the hijacking of the term “work-life balance” by these men to mean prancing about playing cricket or going out for a meal after work – while for women, “work life balance” typically means getting out of work on time to race to school pickups, doing the shopping, supervising homework, bathing children, cooking, tidying, cleaning, putting children to bed, making lunches, prepping schoolbags for the next day, organising family paperwork and bills, doing all the emotional work with extended family, and collapsing into bed. I’m guessing the CEO who said that daylight savings “provides extra time with his family in Mandurah” didn’t mean this, eh?

Won’t somebody think of the super-rich white men? Boo-hoo.


This is HORRIBLE. Why is our country treating people with disabilities this way? This could be YOU one day.

**Warning, graphic and extremely disturbing**

‘He was being eaten alive’

“Queensland Health has rostered on extra staff to conduct pest control at a Darling Downs hospital after an 89-year-old nursing home resident had his ears gnawed by mice.

The LNP member for Condamine, Ray Hopper, raised the alarm yesterday after staff at Dalby Hospital’s nursing home, Karingal, found the man covered in blood on Anzac Day.

The man, a war veteran, was in a distressed state and had injuries from severe mouse bites, Mr Hopper told

“I’m told by his daughter that the poor old fellow [had] been trying to brush the mice away as they continued chewing his ears, head and neck,” Mr Hopper said. “He was so stressed that doctors put him on morphine to calm him down. He nearly died on Saturday night. He was being eaten alive.”


An Australia’s Next Top Model judge seriously labelled a model “Spaz Teeth”? There is so much else wrong with this article: “Addictive feeding frenzy of hungry models

“It’s back. Have you missed it terribly? That shrieking, teetering, shrilly hysterical, piercingly ambitious, 26-legged, doe-eyed monster of oestrogen that is the Australia’s Next Top Model uber-beast. It’s St Trinian’s on crack. It’s Big Brother with boob tape. Most of all, it’s mindlessly delicious and suitably addictive and simply must be bad for you.

I write about the precocious little show-offs on ANTM (Tuesdays, 7.30pm, on Fox8) every year, and it must be said that the producers in their infinite wisdom have stuck fairly close to the formula that’s proven such a success since the show’s debut in 2005. […]

Opening with the gentle appraisal, “She’s got a blockhead”, they moved on to variations on a theme: “Slightly psycho”, “The Yeti”, “She looks like a wild pig”, “Economy Class Garuda” and “Spaz Teeth”. I can’t imagine where the girls get all their wild bullying notions from if these folk are their adult role models for the duration of the series. Judge Alex Perry has since apologised for the remarks: “I guess I was a little bit naughty. But it’s in the delivery, too. ‘Wild pig’ looks bad in print”.”


A reminder: Blogging Against Disablism Day is tomorrow. Write your piece now, if you haven’t already!

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  1. An arsehole robbed a person WD recently by placing chairs strategically around him in a pub so when it happened he was unable to move.

  2. I am going to have nightmares for the rest of my natural life.

  3. Anna: I’ve strengthened the warning.

  4. *hug* I’m sorry, I don’t meant to get my issues all over your blog. I just have such horrible fears of Don being in an institution for any length of time, and we had a mouse, and I’m afraid of mice, and it just all went together in a very bad way. I know the answer is better care in long-term care centers, which starts out with funding and oversight and all of that jazz, but mice. He was being eaten by mice.

  5. Anna: your issues are welcome all over my threads anytime. This is horrendously disturbing. Dystopian torture film stuff.
    The “This happened to a veteran! On ANZAC Day!” angle is interesting – I get that it’s a human interest hook, I just couldn’t help wondering whether it would have been less worthy of public attention and action if it had been just a “regular”, more disposable PWD.

  6. One of the aspects that keeps me up at night (tonight, in fact – it’s now 4 a.m. here in Nova Scotia) is the level things need to be at before someone will think it’s worth reporting on. We all know about abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities, we know about people getting bedsores that are infected, people forced to lie in full adult diapers that no one will change, people denied water or food so they won’t be problems. We know those things happen. But only the mice are important enough to report on.
    What else is going on there? Or did the reporter even think to ask? Does the reporter even care?

  7. I heard someone on the news talking about this tonight, I think it was a Qld pollie. They started with the ‘digger on Anzac day’ thing, but then thankfully went on to say ‘anyone in this situation at anytime’. So at least one person is thinking. Unfortunately it would seem that that poor bloke wasn’t the only one with this problem. Surely they have to put the welfare of the bedridden above a few bloody mice.

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