Friday Hoyden: Kirsty Moore

Flight Lt. Kirsty MooreCongratulations on being the first woman pilot to join the UK’s elite Red Arrows aerobatic display team!

Criteria for applying to the team are very strict, and only a few women have accumulated the necessary flight hours and tours of active duty in fast-jets to qualify and apply (only about 30 pilots satisfy the criteria each year for application). Moore is currently serving as a Tornado pilot with XIII Squadron based at RAF Marham in Norfolk. She will serve with the display team for three years from September, along with her fellow newbie Ben Plank, the only other pilot selected to join the team this year.


After joining the RAF in 1998, Ms Moore, who is originally from Lincolnshire, trained new pilots on the Hawk aircraft at RAF Valley in North Wales.

Flight Lieutenant Plank, from Worcestershire, joined the RAF in 2000.

He has also served as an instructor at RAF Valley and is currently on an operational tour with a Harrier squadron.

The news articles all point out how she will almost certainly overfly the London Olympics celebrations in 2012, which got me to thinking how odd that must seem to the Red Arrows – constantly seen as part of these major national events and yet so separate up there and having to then land many miles away so that they are probably rarely able to join the festivities in person.

Photo credit: BBC
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  1. My high school was near a RAAF base and we had a lot of training flights from the Roulettes going overhead, plus we got school visits from them. The “don’t you feel like you’re missing out?” question was often asked, and they always answered either that they didn’t even notice it because they were concentrating on their flying, or that flying the plane was more fun anyway!

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