Femmostroppo Reader – May 29, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Blogger, Walk With Me: BOB and Internet Feminism
  • – “Traister actually made a pretty important point in that piece: that the answer is not silencing certain women, but giving more exposure to more women, so that the full diversity of who we are can be accurately represented. Unfortunately, diversity means disagreement. The question is whether you think that having many women’s voices and many female points of view available to the public is more or less important than not being criticized by another woman.”

  • The Gender Knot: Ch. 1 Discussion – "Where Are We?" Part 1
  • – “Early on in the first chapter of The Gender Knot, Allan Johnson has this to say:

    “Patriarchy is not simply another way of saying ‘men.’ Patriarchy is a kind of society, and a society is more than a collection of people.”

    That may be the most important take-home message from this whole first chapter. It’s not about you, personally. It’s not even about some particular bunch of d00ds. It’s about a system, and how we all interact with it. “

  • O brave new world! That has such baloney in't!
  • – graphs that someone pulls out of their arse are unlikely to provide valid extrapolations of future trends – who knew?

  • The Truth About Antenatal Classes
  • – What they are and are not good for

  • Child Rape: Hilarious!
  • – pass the brain bleach

  • Men ticketed for speeding in bed
  • – Fellow Australians, I missed ever seeing this ad. Were any of you afflicted by its potential to “cause shame, embarrassment and undue distress”?

  • Pro-Choice, Writ Large
  • – more exploration of the limits of the binary gender concept

  • Black cat fight
  • – innnteresting

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  1. I notice it takes all of 3 comments for ‘feminist’ blamming to start on the ‘Truth About Antenatal Classes’ page.

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