I miss CountDown, Molly included

Cable TV keeps on playing 70s Countdown clips, and I’m enjoying them way too much, especially the glam acts with huge horn sections.

Then of course the disco ladies. What about the Bump? And this awesomely naff set?

The still love Penny McLean on Dutch TV – this is from last year. I hadn’t ever made the connection between her and Silver Convention back in the day – what on earth was going on with all the motorbikes in this clip? (nb some cheesecake posed shots NSFW maybe)

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  1. Countdown Revolution just wasn’t the same, although I refused to admit it at the time.

  2. Awww , now there’s nostalgia for ya. Absolutely impossible to acheive today with the fragmentation of the music market and all the free downloadables on the tubes.

  3. Yes, TV has moved on as well in how it chooses its presenters. A music nerd with a propensity to stuff up his intros the way Molly did would never get the gig these days – it would go to a generically polished pair of 20-something media school grads who would be replaced as soon as they turned 27 by the next pair.

  4. Exactly Tigtog. It’s always great when you see a presenter who isn’t the typicaly shiny, happy person – such as Peter Cundall on ‘Gardening Australia’, until he retired.

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